Zy Marquiez
March 19, 2019

“Having conceived of his purpose, a man should mentally mark out a straight pathway to its achievement, looking neither to the right no the left.  Doubts and fears should be rigorously excluded, which break up the straights line of effort, rendering it crooked, ineffectual, useless.  Thoughts of doubt and fear never accomplished anything, and never can.  They always lead to failure.  Purpose, energy, power to do, and all strong thoughts cease when doubt and fear creep in.”[1]
– James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

“Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force: he who knows this is ready to become something higher and stronger than a mere bundle of wavering thoughts and fluctuating sensations; he who does this has become the conscious and intelligent wielder of his mental powers.”[Emphasis in original].[2]
– James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

“The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose.”
– J. Martin Kohe

History has taught us that individuals have a way of changing the course of history.  History revolves around the actions that individuals have taken that still reverberate to this day and will undoubtedly echo into the morrow.  In many ways, the echoes of these actions are not only heard by many but are influencing and changing many people’s lives at the individual level as well as molding the future simultaneously.

Individuals like Socrates, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and countless others have erected pillars for humanity to see farther than it ever has, to accomplish more than it ever could in the past.  The actions these individuals took were borne out of the choices – the individual choices – each of them opted to make.  Without each of those individuals having made the choices that inherently made them who they ultimately became, we wouldn’t have the knowledge, lessons and wisdom that one may gain from them.

One circumstance that is rarely discussed is the fact that individuals of that stature do not just come out of nowhere.  Society most often sees or hears of these individuals in their final iteration, their final form, but that does a great disservice to all.  There is an inherent process of conquering obstacles and facing untold struggles, all of which made these individuals that much stronger and more capable.  To know that is not only to learn about history, the past, but it is also learning about the human condition.

What we know as the finished product – the way we see each of these individuals today – is not the totality of the story.  That is merely the final chapter, in a long list of chapters that merely give us a cursory synopsis into the livelihood of these individuals, into what it took for them to became who they ultimately became, who we know them as today.

Just like life is an inherently fluid process in which growth and entropy are at sword’s edge over which will reign supreme, so are all of us individuals battling inner struggles in order to take sound and rational actions, or give into the opposite of that spectrum.  The point is, for many circumstances in life there are incredibly sound precedents set for individuals to follow, if they so choose.  But without choice, nothing great can be accomplished.  Without choice, all we remain as individuals are blank canvases with nothing to show, or blank books with nothing to tell.  Yet, we know, by the above examples that humanity – via the individual – is capable of much more, so much more.  But it all starts at the individual level.

As the individual goes, civilization flows.  To reiterate one last time, without the actions taken by individuals nothing great can be accomplishedLet that sink in.

Choices are one of the greatest freedoms that we as individuals have.  Each of us is always one choice away from changing our life for the better, but it starts with the individual.

It always starts with the individual – with you.


[1] James Allen, As A Man Thinketh, pp. 39-40.
[2] James Allen, As A Man Thinketh, p. 40.

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