Physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell goes into how intent works his My Big Theory Of Everything [T.O.E.] This is really a great presentation, though if you really want to get a firmer grasp on Tom’s theory, seeing all the interviews conducted by Evita Ochel will greatly help flesh out his entire hypothesis.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

1. How MBT changes the idea that our life is created or dictated by some “other” force. (1:43)
– the role of free will and choice in consciousness
– the role of time in consciousness
– shifting responsibility for our choices
– the meaning of free will
– what limits our choices
– dealing with consequences of all choices
– the purpose of constraints (11:42)
– challenges as opportunities

2. How to understand intent and intention, and use these in the most effective of ways. (13:48)
– how intention relates to motivation
– intention at the being level vs. the intellectual level
– effective use of intention in a simulation(20:12)
– effect of intention on future probability
– how to change probability
– how intent and feedback interact
– how fear interacts with intention (28:45)
– intent and the placebo effect (30:46)
– positive Ego-based intent

3. How intention can be used negatively due to ignorance. (37:49)
– Sadhguru’s quote: “Good intention armed with ignorance is potentially dangerous – more dangerous than evil because good intentions give legitimacy to ignorance.”
– ignorance and intellect
– how to make a good choices
– how not to be afraid to make choices
– the benefits of working with a bigger picture

4. Explanation of the Intent-Action-Result-Feedback learning cycle, and weaknesses of the system for us to become love. (49:22)
– reference: MBT Book 2, Ch 60 – why we put up with bad/dysfunctional situations
– the courage to change ourselves
– the importance of persistence

5. Why is positive change not happening faster on a collective world level.(57:57)

– what is and is not our responsibility (59:12)
– the importance of changing yourself
– the consequences of trying to fix the collective (1:02:28)
– the importance of finding our own answers / truth
– allowing others to live according to their needs