Zy Marquiez
April 1, 2019

The first minute of nigh everything in life tells you a lot more than you realize.

If it’s a movie, it will (usually) tell you exactly where you are within the story.

If it’s a song or a book, it’ll lay the foundation for whether you want to continue or not.  Probably much faster than that with regards to a song, but you get the gist of it.

If it’s the dentist, ya’ll know EXACTLY where that’s going!

If it’s poker, if someone is an absolutely maniac – specifically online since online games flow much faster – then you will know within the first 60 seconds.

If it’s a place you walked into, you might pick up the exact vibe and either want to stay or want to bolt.

If it’s the media, it might tell you exactly what is (or what they want you to see as) most important.

If it’s writing, you will often know whether you’ll be able to write effortlessly, or if it’s going to be wading through the mire.

If it’s a conversation, it’ll tell you exactly what’s important to one, or both (or more) individuals.

The first minute of a lot of circumstances in life will often lay the foundation for whatever follows.  When things are pondered deeply, you get to see some intricacies you never seen before, you get to ponder life from a lens that you never thought of before, or perhaps not in that exact shade of light.

My argument is not that the first minute is the end all and be all, not even close.  All am getting is that, the first minute is incredibly informative and often tells you a lot more than what we put consideration into.

The only way for you to know this is to begin paying attention to that first minute in myriad instances.

When you meet someone, are they asking you are how you are doing, or are they telling you what they thought about ‘the game’?  Did someone begin talking to you, or did they begin talking at you?  (Yeah there’s a big difference).  Did someone begin complaining about something, or did they begin in fascinating and wonder about something in particular?  Did someone say something that’s inherently important, or did they begin in a more run-of-the-mill matter?  Did someone praise you, or did someone bring you down?  Ponder that deeply, for all these moments matter a lot more than most give them credit too.

In fact, in a way, many of these circumstances ‘set the tone’ of what follows, the vibe that you get and all that follows therein.  Please keep in mind, that does not mean that, for instance, just because someone starts venting that they shouldn’t vent.  It just means putting a lot of consideration into the listening part.  Not all venting and complaining are created equal.[1]

Some individuals vent because they trust you, some do it because they need comfort, some do it because they are stressed out, so on and so forth.  Most would see the prior circumstances as legitimate reasons to vent.  Then there’s the opposite side of the coin, complaining about frivolous things that, in the grand scheme of things, perhaps shouldn’t even register in your radar.

For me, little things used to drive me up the wall.  Now they rarely register in my top-1000 thing to have concerns about.  Such circumstances can be mentally flicked away with your index finger like its not big deal, because it’s not.  But if such circumstances are a big deal, then they will carry much more weight than they should.

More importantly, if little issues are stressing you out, then what’s going to happen when significant circumstances flash on your radar?  It’s going to be a damn catastrophe is what it will be.  This has happened to me many a time and have seen it happen to others as well.  We all have.  It’s the difference between treating a circumstance like a snowball running down a hill that will cause an avalanche, or a rock that’ll roll down a hill and do nothing of interesting.

The above instance of ‘small things’ vs. ‘big issues’ is merely one from a myriad of shades that can be experienced within the first minute.  Many other scenarios can be examined and extrapolated upon.

Does this mean you need to be like a robot breaking down every single minute for every single detail you can imagine?  That’s totally up to you, but that seems a bit extreme.  Specific circumstances will dictate when you should pay extra attention, not unlike when a child plays close to water vs. playing on land.

When those circumstances come up, you will know.  Sear yourself into that moment and ruminate upon it, for you never know what you will find out and where that will lead you.


Author’s Note:

[1] I realize that I meandered a bit half way and that was deliberate.  I didn’t want to make it seem that simply because someone might vent or complain that they shouldn’t, not at all.  Just wanted to make that a bit clearer while also showing the disparity that specific circumstances can have event though they might seem exactly alike.

With that in mind, all of the above is merely shared for consideration of how there’s different tiers of information all working simultaneously, but such considerations don’t see the light of day since it’s not something oft-considered.  Still though, I do hope everyone considers it because it’s an interesting proposition and holds more value than it might seem at first blush.
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