Zy Marquiez
April 2, 2019

In Western Culture, the subject of Meditation conjures myriad images, while also leaving many confounded.

In Easter Culture, the value of Meditation has been known for thousands of years, and it’s become a staple of many a discipline, and with good reason.

In Meditation For Warriors- Practical Mediation For Cops, Soldiers & Martial Artists – By Loren W. Christensen, the author showcases how simple meditation can be in its application.

Though Christensen acknowledges that meditation can be quite complex, he chooses to simplify meditation when he shows us not only why meditation is useful, but also why it’s needed and many of its intricacies.

The book also features extensive anecdotes from numerous individuals and what each has garnered from this tool.

Not only does Christensen give us countless tips to hone meditation skills, but he also gives individuals a step by step process of how to follow each example he enumerates.

From delving lightly into how important the subconscious mind is, to also tackling the importance of breath control, the author takes a rather in-depth approach into many of the abstruse areas of meditation.  The issue of negative thinking is also given a cursory glance, while the author also harpoons various methods of meditation available and the variety each of them offers.

All in all, the book is really useful for anyone wishing to explore the subject of meditation if they are not familiar with the subject.  It’s methodical, easy-to follow and simple approach makes an abstruse subject such as meditation rather easy to learn about.  It makes it practical. 

Meditation is a tool that is as great and powerful as its precision of use.  This book helps the individual employ this tool and its effect will be proportional to the drive the individual employs in its application.

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