Zy Marquiez
April 1, 2019

It’s great seeing people get life changing news, particularly positive news.  Especially, those closest to you, those you love, like your Mom.

After running some tests the last few days, today she was told that she (1) didn’t have cancer and (2) didn’t have Ulcerative Colitis either.  Obviously we are all stoked.  We’ve all been incredibly worried given her health issues she’s had of late, but thankfully all is well.

Why is all this relevant?  Beyond the obvious reasons, she’s feeling inspired, really inspired.  In fact, today (just hours ago) she tells my Ol’ Lady and I that she’s cooking.  We ask her what, wondering what she’s cooking, and she says Olive Garden.  There’s a running joke in our family where at times, someone says they’re cooking, and everyone else doesn’t know whether they are serious, or joking, like she was.  Not that she doesn’t cook, my Mom loves cooking, but she just hasn’t been able to for weeks, like she sometimes enjoys doing.  Hearing her laugh at her own joke definitely lifted our spirits.

Honestly, when she began her joke, and I wasn’t sure whether she was joking or not, I thought she was going to choose Palio’s in all honesty.  That and TGI Friday’s (besides Olive Garden) are her defaults.  Irrespective of that though, the fact that she was willing to go out (and lead the charge!) and about says a lot – it speaks volumes.  She’s been incredibly spent of late, and just seeing her moving at all more than a few steps is great.

In fact, she’s downstairs dancing and doing the dishes as we speak.  I know I know, some of you might argue, you’re letting your Mom wash the dishes!  HELL YES!  I love washing dishes, in fact, its therapeutic to me (not even kidding either), that and folding clothes; both are nigh a Zen-like experience for me.   But seeing my mom (1) walking enthusiastically anywhere, (2) doing the dishes, while (3) salsa dancing in between?  No way in HELL I’m going to ruin her Mojo.  No. Way.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.

She is in her zoneLife Rule #17.125: You do not disturb people when they are in their zone.  #TrueStory.

Getting back on track, out of the three things above, the dancing is the most important part in my opinion. You ever notice that when people dance, they are nigh always in a good mood, many times a great mood?  How many people do you see dancing in a bad mood?  Not many.  Not many at all.  Dancing tells you a lot about people, their moods, and how carefree they can be.  That and singing, and lots of other things.  You know where I’m getting at.

The point of this is that, the confluence of all that is because she’s motivated and inspired by the good news, and who wouldn’t be?

You never know when inspiration will strike, but those fires need to be stoked ceaselessly.

And who knows?  Maybe tomorrow she feels like ‘cooking’ again?