Source: ForumBorealis
April 2, 2019

This is an in-depth interview with Richard Dolan on his Breakaway Civilization hypothesis.  Al, from ForumBorealis, asks some poignant questions about abstruse subjects that oft do not get the light of day, but are important to ponder upon nonetheless.

The Case For A Breakaway Civilization [Part 1]

Al & Dolan continue to examine the concept of a Breakaway Civilization with Richard, with deeper scrutinizing of its infrastructure & functioning. Which intelligence agencies, corporations, & military institutions are involved in the classified space fleet? How far ahead is their technology? Who would really be in charge? What can we learn from the documented UFO cases? Who owns the technology, who operates it, & how is it financed? How can we the people relate to all of this? And much more. Rich also updates us on his forthcoming book on false flag history.


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