Zy Marquiez
April 3, 2019

The first thought many (or most of you) might be thinking is: what business is my bank account of yours?

Your financial bank account is totally your business and none of mine.  This post isn’t about finances, but other type of bank accounts.

Bank accounts that each of us deposit and withdraw from daily.

What bank accounts are those?  The bank accounts of emotion, trust, and love.[1]  But instead of the transactional relationships taking place between a bank, and an individual, the bank accounts and transactions I am referring to are between one individual and another.

Just like a real financial bank account has the option for an individual to make deposits and withdraws, bank accounts of emotion, trust and love (and others) operate no differently.

An individual, anytime, anywhere, can make a deposit or withdraw, especially with modern technology now in the fold.  And just like a financial bank account benefits from making consistent deposits, so do emotional bank accounts of myriad types.

The more an individual deposits into these bank accounts, the better off it is.  Sometimes, large withdraws are made, sometimes large deposits are made.  Large withdraws make relationships largely suffer; large deposits make relationships grow.

Please keep in mind, how much that ‘deposit’ is worth is totally dependent on an individual.  One individual might get a small note saying, ‘Have a great day’ and think nothing of it.  No deposit.  Another individual might see that gesture as a small deposit, or a medium deposit.  Give someone an honest compliment?  Small deposit.  Give someone a fake compliment?  Withdraw.  Give someone praise?  Deposit.  Talk down on someone?  Sizeable withdraw.  Carry out a random gesture for someone?  Deposit.  Forget someone’s birthday?  BIG WITHDRAW![2]

Consistent deposits have the benefits of that type of bank account not only growing overtime, but what can be done with the size of those ‘funds’ proportional to what the balance is.

For instance, say someone’s gained your trust by making consistent deposits for years, so much so that you are willing to go sky diving with that person.  I am pretty sure that most of us can agree, to go skydiving with anyone requires a lot of trust, a lot of deposits.  Other life circumstances are no different; the skydiving analogy is only used because its an extreme analogy that serves to showcase an instance that a lot of trust is required, an incredible amount in fact.

The opposite case is also true, sometimes there are significant withdraws for any given reason.  But even if that takes place, deposits can always be made.  Rarely if ever are bank accounts between individuals ever ‘frozen’, for lack of better words.  This is because life, unlike real banks, offer choices.  Banks operate under explicit rules, while life allows for a more fluid approach.  This allows for individuals to make choices of endless types, all of which can benefit or hurt each ‘transaction’.

Now, are you going to be more cognizant of those deposits and withdraws in the future?  The notion of emotional bank accounts certainly an interesting concept to consider when seen in this light.  It offers the benefit of a wider lens for which to view certain instances from.[3]

And for Heaven’s sake, don’t let any bank account ever get to $0.  Nobody likes to see any type of bank account, emotional or financial down at zero.

But seriously, go make some deposits today!  Those pennies will turn into dollars, those dollars will turn into gold and silver, and those precious metals will help you strengthen your asset allocation.[4]

Next up: Interest Rates!

Feel free to let me know what you think of the subject and analogy in the comments below, whether agree or disagree.  All opinions are welcome.  There is not a one-size-fits-all here, not at all.  What is shared is merely shared to encourage thought and consideration.


[1] The catalyst for this write up was conversation I just finished having with a friend of mine who is training to be a manager somewhere.  I told him of the notion of a “Trust Bank Account” since the conversation at one point dovetailed into trust and how overtime trust builds with ‘deposits’ and the like.  The reason I mentioned this analogy was because he had been making significant deposits in ‘trust bank accounts’ with many people over time, and now, those deposits made over time are paying significant dividends when he least expected it and most needed it.

[2] This bit is throwing a bit of humor with truth, but the point remains.  Most people don’t want their birthdays forgotten because its their day, it makes perfect sense.  Unpopular opinion: me, on the other hand, I rather people not know because I’ve never liked the notion of birthdays in the first place for myriad reasons.  This drives most of my friends up the wall, but it’s the truth though.  Not that I am not appreciative of the sentiment, I appreciate it just as much as the next person, its just my opinion on it though.

[3] Nigh 20 years ago, there was someone was making consistent and significant deposits into our ‘bank account’ in hindsight, and although the gestures were not overlooked, the magnitude of those gestures didn’t seem ‘obvious’ until hindsight kicked in, until I considered the gestures through this analogy.  This is why the analogy works wonders, for you never know how many people or what person is carrying out ‘deposits’ until you see it, since its easier to connect the dots going backwards in time, than it is forward.  I will definitely write about this in the future because (1) not only did this person change my life, but I (2) probably wouldn’t be the person I am today without what they did for me.

[4] Another topic to be explored in the future.

[5] Perhaps, that’s why friends, not having seen each other for years and so on, can pick up where they left off without second thought, because that emotional bank account always had the funds in it, just like a real financial bank account would.

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