Zy Marquiez
April 3, 2019

Every individual has a story to tell, a story that is equal parts mystery and equal parts success.  Seeing life through the perspective of a story is captivating for it allows a point of view that’s much broader than merely seeing life through the lens of an everyday rat-rate.

Stories have been a staple of human beings since time immemorial.  From the times since proto-man and proto-woman used to communicate around a campfire eons ago, all the way up until now in modern time, stories are told every day.  Why is it then, that we all tell tells of myriad types, and yet do not see life itself as a story in the grand scheme of things?[1]

Perhaps it’s simply a matter of perspective.  Irrespective of that though, each of our lives is a story.

It is now time to ponder master story teller, Gandalf.  Why Gandalf?  Because, as Cory Olsen Ph.D. makes known in his phenomenal book, Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, states:

“Gandalf is a storyteller, as Bilbo recalls, telling “wonderful tales” at parties about very strange and outlandish things such as “dragons and goblins and giants and the rescue of princesses and the unexpected luck of widows’ sons”.[2]

You might be thinking, so Gandalf tells stories, so what?  I am glad I peaked your curiosity.

Why is Gandalf the focal point?  Because:

“Gandalf is not just a story teller; he is a story-maker, for “tales and adventures sprouted up all over the place wherever he went.”[3][Emphasis Added]

Gandalf, is a master of his destiny; so are you.  Not only does Gandalf tell stories, but he creates them everywhere he goes, just like all individuals do.

Each of us individuals creates stories; what those stories encompass is not as important as the fact that they are yours. 

But we, as individuals, tend to forget our own stories.  We tend to forget what we conquered, what we created, what made [or makes] our life so incredible.  And yet, the story of the individual – your story – is always within your life book, always within its pages.

Where I would usually ask someone, usually when first meeting them, but not necessarily so, “What’s your story?”, I would do so because I wanted to know their story as they saw it themselves.

However, here the question is not being posed from me to you because I want to know; the question is being posed from me to you because I want you to remember your story in its full breadth and scope.

You remembering everything you’ve accomplished, remembering your story, is vastly more important than anyone else knowing it, because there is nobody else more important in your story than you. 

Only you know your whole story, only you can remember it.

What are you remembering?  What have you conquered?  What things did you create?  Because of what you created, what possibilities have you created?  How many pages are you backtracking and reading in your story as you mentally sift back through them?  Where did you venture?  What monsters have you slain?  What lessons have you learned?  Have you run into any Bilbos or Gandalfs in your story?  How many obstacles have you overcome?

Only you know the answers to questions above, and countless othersBefore the world knows you, you need to know you. 

And once you realize the totality of you – the individual – you will realize that your story is filled to the brim with tales of you overcoming obstacle after obstacle, slaying demon after demon.

At that point, the point where you remember your story, you will realize how powerful you – the individual – are.

Then the world is in trouble, because, you will be unstoppable.  Why?

Because it is your story and you get to write it however the heck you want.

Your path, your story, is never set in stone.  You have the power to change your story at any given time because it is inherently yours. 

Go forth like Gandalf, and create your own story. 

Nobody can stop you for it is your story.
Sources & Notes:

[1] Am talking about the majority of people with that statement.  Some people do see life as a story, but this notion is something that’s not oft-considered by most, or at least, most individuals that I’ve run into.
[2] Cory Olsen, Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, p. 19.
[3] Ibid., p. 19.

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