“Remember, bad habits are easy to form, but hard to live with; good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with.”
– Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement

Zy Marquiez
April 4, 2019

This is a direct question to every individual: what are your defaults in life, what is your default mode?

Is your default as an individual positive or negative?  Is it open-minded, or is it close-minded?  Is it focused or aimless?  Many more dichotomies could be posed, these are merely considerations to ruminate upon.

Though I myself ponder this topic often and deeply, my defaults could always use work.  Introspection has helped greatly in overcoming many of the obstacles in my past be them health, business, work, et al. That said, that doesn’t mean that an individual’s default mode, my own included, cannot be knocked off kilter.  In modern life, this can happen, and does happen, far more often than we realize.

With modern media of myriad types being a mainstay in our every day lives, attempting to have a strong and robust set of defaults can at times be akin to trying to keep your feet on the ground with a tornado wrapping its arms around you.  Sometimes it can seem nigh impossible, but rarely is ever that case.

Whatever whirlwind of dilemmas life throws our way as individuals, remaining cognizant of our capabilities, remaining cognizant of our default mode – and what works best for us individually – is something that is always something to keep note of.

What kind of default is best for you, the individual?  I cannot say that what is best for me, is best for you: only you – the individual – knows what’s best for you.  Variety and choice are some of the things what makes life grand.  What I prefer, might not be what you prefer.  What’s best for you, might not be what’s best for me.  Life would be boring if everyone and every choice followed a cookie-cutter template, wouldn’t it?

What are your defaults?  More importantly, why are these default as such?  Ponder that.

No matter the obstacles you face as an individual, an individual can choose to focus on our next dilemma with our best defaults, thus showing they are centered and mindful, or the individual can let the instance that manifests flow automatic and allow life to take control.  An individual can follow where being reactive may lead, or an individual may create our own path by being proactive, by spreading their wings and soaring, by having a strong default.  That’s the beauty of this conundrum.

Ultimately, we each hold a treasure map to everything that is best for us, for whatever is our best default.

Patience or impatience?

Open-mindedness, or close mindedness?

Imagination, or stagnation?

Remember, life always throw obstacles your way, but while you cannot choose which obstacles will manifest on your path, how you respond to those obstacles will be much more important than what you face.

This consideration of your defaults will ultimately lead to whether you realize you hold your own skeleton key to open any door in your life, or whether you leave those doors closed simply because you never realized you had the ultimate key you could ever have – your consciousness.

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