Zy Marquiez
April 5, 2019

What follows will seem at first blush about something I’ve done often in order to highlight my actions, but its not my actions I wish to highlight, but those of someone else.

Following along with a previous post, and how the actions individuals take can be seen as ‘deposits’ into another individual’s emotional bank accounts, I will share snippets of the following stories.

Before going on, allow me this small preamble.  I’ve always been the type of person to randomly purchase a cup of coffee for anyone, it doesn’t matter who it is, what sex, what age, it matters not.  The point is, I don’t need an excuse to do so, nor a reason for this, it’s just what I do whenever I feel like.  And if I certainly will buy a cup of coffee for some random stranger that I’ll never see again, I’ll definitely have even more reason to buy one for someone that needs it.

Last fall, sometime when it was really cold, I bought a cup of coffee for someone, who I didn’t know at the time wound up being homeless.  At the time I didn’t know, but I suspected as much.  What prompted me to carry out the gesture was the fact that this man asked to borrow a quarter and was scrambling for change.  At that moment I knew something was off, so I just told him I’d buy him a cup of coffee, no big deal.

In any case, next time I see him I just offered him a random cup of coffee since I figured he could use one, and he instantly accepted and was grateful.  Next time I see him is the main point of this story.  Perhaps a few days after or so, I’m working on some databases for one of my businesses, and he sits down, and I say hello and whatnot.  And before I even have a chance to offer him a cup of coffee, he, HE, wants to share a box of cookies with me.  The guy that has all the reasons in the world not to share food with anybody just randomly offers me cookies; needless to say, I was blown away.  I was speechless.  I tried to say no, but he wasn’t having it.

The whole point was that, as far as kind gestures and ‘deposits’ into emotional bank accounts goes, for me personally that’s the equivalent of someone dropping off a truck load full of black pearls on your doorstep.  HOW DO YOU TOP THAT!?  And no, I’m not making this up, not even close.  I wouldn’t do that, not at all.

In fact, I have a few stories in my life that are similar, though nothing at that magnitude, at least under the circumstances.  I have had the actions certain individuals take change in many ways I would have never considered, ever.  But the more things like this happen, the more I realize how many possibilities there are in life, and how those instances can blind side you at the moment you least expect it and change you down at the being level, down to the core – at the level of consciousness.

My main point is this: you never know what the smallest gesture will mean to someone.  Likewise, you never know what kind of thing that gesture will lead too and how much it will mean later down the line.

As far as I’m concerned, that guy man has a best friend in me.  I know people that I’ve known for years that would never even consider such a thing.  Leave it to the homeless guy to blow away everyone out of the water by orders of magnitude, but that’s what life’s about, moments – key moments.

Moments that change things, moments that change people, a moment that changed me. 

That moment gives me more hope for individuals and humanity than anything most people could ever do, and that means something.  That’s why those ‘deposits’ individuals carry out are so meaningful; not only do they build relationships, but they change lives. 

If that’s not what life’s about, I’m not sure what is.

You all have a great day.

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