Zy Marquiez
April 6, 2019

You ever met someone that absolutely hates you with every fiber of their being?  Of course, we all know someone like this.

In the past, I wouldn’t have worried about the circumstance too much.  The last year or so, I at least consider trying to change their outlook if possible.

In any case, flying on instincts last summer I decided to surprise this person and say hello.  They were kind of shocked, and they nodded perplexed.  I didn’t get a response, merely a curious glance.  I didn’t know whether it made any difference, but it’s always worth a shot.  A penny deposit no doubt.  I knew cracking to that armor, piercing that bastion wouldn’t happen overnight though.

Days later, same thing, except this time, I asked how they were doing and how their day was.  I got to talking for nigh 30 minutes or so, but the person deemed seemed too worried like before.  It felt like progress.  Penny deposit, penny results.  Still though, a step in the right direction, even if it was a baby step.  What about depositing a nickel?

Well, Starbucks offers 2 for one drinks at times, and if there ever were a perfect premise under which to buy someone a drink, this was it.  I figured I’d up the ante and maybe I’d get downgraded from the hate zone to the safe zone, maybe the Eye of Sauron wouldn’t be waiting to burn me to a crisp.  Knowing what his favorite drink was, I just ordered one and he was shocked.  He was going to decline it but I said it literally didn’t cost anything, you might as well enjoy it.  Tentatively, he took it.

Next time: instead of meandering around me like I had the plague, he actually ventured reticently, like Bilbo, into the lands of the unknown, seeing if it was safe to proceed.  I said hello again, and he sat adjacent to me.  JACKPOT!

Seven cents!  SEVEN!  That’s all it took, and I felt like a low-stakes lottery winner, someone who just used a scratcher and won $100.  BAM!  Okay, it took a bit more finesse than that, but you get the gist of it.

Next time I introduced myself and that was that.  We have known each other for nigh a year and catch up from time to time.

I honestly didn’t think it would work.  But what could it hurt?

I’m not saying any of you need to get close to someone that hates your guts, not even close.  But if someone that completely has it in for you can change their outlook, those penny and nickel deposits should mean more to people who don’t have it in for you.  That’s in theory though.  I say in theory because, simply carrying out a nice act of kindness, or any gesture of goodness has the chance of either (1) getting overlooked, (2) getting misunderstood, (3) getting thrown right back in your face, (4) met with an ocean of skepticism, (5) and other considerations.

That still doesn’t mean that those penny deposits, those seemingly inconsequential acts of kindness, can’t go a long way.  They can.

The beauty of this is that, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to carry out penny deposits, because by their very nature, they seem cheap.  But sometimes, we dust off that penny, and realize it was a dime instead.  NOW YOU’RE ROLLING!

That’s when someone appreciates the act of kindness you carried out to a greater degree than you thought they would.

And who doesn’t like investments that pay off?

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