Zy Marquiez
April 6, 2019

Two days ago, I had the fortunate circumstance of meeting a few individuals.  With three of these individuals, conversations delved into the topic of mindset; for the sake of brevity and time, we will focus on two of these.

The first person I met was right after I asked this gentleman how his day was.  Without missing a beat, is reply: “Everyday above ground is a good day.”

Translation: be thankful to be alive; negative circumstances be damned; being alive, being here, is good great.  That’s mindset.

The conversation lasted nigh five minutes, but it put an extra spring in my step that gave me a jolt I didn’t know I could have used.  That’s the thing about mindset, the type of mindset people employ is resounding, it resonates – both positively and negativelyIt affects those around you, whether you do it deliberately or not.  Now to the second circumstance in which I met someone where we talked about mindset.

Noticing that something was amyss with the woman next to me, I proceeded to ask her if everything was okay.  It wasn’t, not even close.  I thought what took place was that someone screwed up her drinks.  Only if it was that simple.

What happened in fact was she left her keys in her car.  That’s certainly problematicNot insurmountable, but a problem, nonetheless.  However, there’s more: she was going to be late work work.  Okay.  Bigger problem, but not the worst thing ever.  Still, there’s more.  Her car was still on.  Ah.  Yeah, there it is, the trifecta that life rarely tosses our way, but when it does, usually leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

Now she had a choice: how to respond to the situation?

How did she respond to the situation?  In seamless fashion, she dealt with it as best she could.  In fact, she did a fantastic job considering the circumstances.  She talked about mindset herself, she opened that door and talked about it for nigh an hour.  She mentioned how a year ago, she would have been incredibly upset, and would have self-deprecated non-stop.  Now?  Not even a thought. 

That was her choice, and the best one at that.

Every single one of us has dealt with similar circumstances this individually.

What the first circumstance illustrates is, the mindset with which you get out of bed makes all the difference in the world.  It tailors your approach to life, your appreciation for life and the instances that follow.

The second circumstance illustrates that no matter what life throws at us, no matter how overwhelming it might seem, we each have a choice.  How we deal with those circumstances is vastly more important than what life throws at us.

Are we going to treat an obstacle on the road, like a boulder, or a particle of dust to dust off our shoulders?  Are we going to treat an issue that comes our way, like a pebble rolling down a hill while we stand at the bottom, or are we going to see the dilemma as an avalanche that grows overtime and will overwhelm us?  It all comes down to a sound mindset.

A mindset of can do or can’t do; a mindset of viewing issues life throws at us as obstacles, or opportunities for growth.

Everything that makes us grow, though not always pleasant, is a good thing, and we should thankful for it.  In this growth is where we become more capable, savvier, stronger, wiser.

But its all a matter of perspective, a matter of mindset, a sound mindset.

Now when life plants a problem on your path, are you going to see it as a veritable deathstar in front of you, with its crosshairs set on you, with no option but defeat?  Or are you going to see it as a giant water pistol?

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