Zy Marquiez
April 7, 2019

The title from this blog post is actually a statement from a movie which features Stephen Siegal, named Under Siege 2.

At one point in that movie, the villain says that quote right after an egregious assumption is made by an individual.  For myriad reasons, that quote has stuck with me ever since.

Today that quote could serve as the theme for certain circumstances that took place nigh an hour ago or so.  Though my mistakes, my assumptions, aren’t as egregious as those in the movie, I will still speak about them since they have a bearing on how events can transpire based on those assumptions.

After being motioned outside by a friend to talk about an idea he had, we were asked by two women if we had jumper cables.  Though my car was ironically next to hers, I did not.  My friend, however, did have jumper cables.  Long story short, between my friend’s jumper cables and my car being next to hers, the problem was solved after a few minutes.

Why does this bother me though?  Because of all the assumptions I myself and my friend did.

Questioning my instincts (mistake #1), I thought – and here comes assumption #1 – the problem was much bigger and couldn’t be solved.  My instincts were to offer help, but I opted not too because of my assumptions.

What assumptions were these?  My assumptions were as follows:

(1) the problem was too big to solve;
(2) the man that was with one of these women was a significant other, or husband, and he had it covered.  He wasn’t either, I found out in hindsight, and was unable to help;
(3) Pondering deeper, the problem ‘had’ to be ‘big’ because if not, the women would have asked someone inside for help if it was something as simple as jumper cables and a boost;
(4) They were outside for nigh 2 hours waiting, because ‘help was on the way’.

Boy was I wrong on all those accounts!  Thankfully though, my friend and I were able to help in hindsight.  That said, we both feel bad because, had we known, had we simply asked, the problem would have been solved in five minutes, tops.

My friend and I discussed making some of the exact same assumptions, and we both felt guilty for not having asked if these two women needed help even though we thought we should.  The point is that, often, we as individuals tend to think something is more complex than it should be, as we did today, or simpler than it really is, as I did earlier this week in another circumstance where I thought someone was merely dealing with an ordered being screwed up, rather than a trifecta of circumstances as that person was subjected to.

These examples are why I hold that quote in high regard, because, when I keep I keep it in mind, it helps at incredible degrees.  When I do not, I tend to overlook the simplest of things or even go against my instinct, which bothers me to no end.

Why does this circumstance bother me?  Besides making assumptions when someone’s in need of help, and not having helped those individuals is something that I see as an extraordinary mistake.  Every individual, and every circumstance is different, but I believe that most people, if they see someone that needs help, will at least consider it, if not downright act on it.   And if those ladies hadn’t asked us for help, the assumptions would have merely compounded as they did.  How could that have helped?  I couldn’t have.

There’s simply no reason why not to follow your instincts.  Even if you’re wrong, that’s okay.  Most of the time though, when following your instincts, you will be right.

Moreover, it never hurts to ask questions, as I myself and my friend should haveA question is something that’s so simple, and yet, so easy to overlook.  Here it would have made all the difference in the world.

And that’s significant because life’s about making a difference, irrespective of how big or small that different is.

If you are not making a difference, you are simply not living life to the fullest.

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