“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
– William Arthur Ward

Zy Marquiez
April 6, 2019

There’s just something about a genuine smile, particularly from babies, which just warms your heart.

Babies are the best example of this, for every smile they send your way is like a gem.  Babies don’t know how not smile in a polite or fake manner.  They just smile.

With that sentiment in mind, it occurred to me that the act of babies smiling, at least for most people, just has a resonating effect that gets to your soul; an effect that is the complete definition of joy.  The point is that, in a sense, babies are making deposits into emotional bank accounts all, the, time.  Today it was no different.

At this place I venture too to write, there was first a couple with a baby, and thence nigh an hour later two women, each with one baby.  Naturally, the babies got lots of attention, as it’s not uncommon.  In that attention an individual can see the heartwarming effect that not only do babies have, but how they revel not only in the joy they feel, but in the joy they see in others.  For the 2-3 hours the parents and their babies were there, it was nothing but sunshine the whole way.

It just struck me that babies are the best examples of a being, an individual, being authentic in their whole being.  That says something.  It resonates with me.

In a day where people want others to conform, or they themselves want to merely be a clone of someone else, anybody being authentic is like lightning on a clear sky.  Babies exemplify this best.

And as far as smiles go, babies could probably give a crash course on how-to’s from the get go.  That inherent action is something to behold when it takes place, not unlike seeing a rare gem.

Just like the rarest of gems are the most priceless, the rarest of smiles, the most authentic, are just as so.

Author’s Note:

Though the whole notion of babies doing ‘deposits’ into an emotional bank account is obvious in hindsight, the very idea didn’t come to me until now during a walk.  The idea stems from a confluence of (1) a conversation I had with someone on WP by the initials I.P.U. about smiles and how amazing they are, and (2) a set of circumstances that took place today at one of my favorite places.

Though the whole notion is a simple idea, it’s an idea that holds a lot of significance.  At least to me anyways.

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