“There are friends, there are family, and there are friends that become family.”

Zy Marquiez
April 8, 2019

The notion of depositing into an emotional bank account has been given a cursory glance and explored the last week or so at lenght.  Whether those deposits net anything positive isn’t as important as to give the notion consideration, since these deposits, these emotional investments individuals make have the capacity of making relationships of myriad types grow.

Emotional investments between individuals can obviously be positive, or negative.  Whether those investments are significant or not, that’s a different story.

To give a quick crash course: somebody does something nice for you?  Deposit.  Someone downtalks you?  Withdrawal.  Someone hits on your brand-new set of shows with a compliment?  Sizeable deposit.  They proceed to spill coffee on those very shoes?  WITHDRAW!  Somebody cracks a good joke?  Deposit.  You think somebody’s ‘your momma’ joke is lame?  Withdraw.  Your friend laughs at that joke?  Withdraw!  (But really, it’s mutual transaction between your friend and whoever cracked that joke, with deposits going each way).  You get the gist of it.

Transactions, these small ‘deposits’, acts of kindness, humor, goodness, and the like, all have a bearing as to how relationships foster.  This is crucial to consider given how important healthy relationships are in every day life.  Now that we’ve seen the dichotomy between both sides in the above examples, let’s focus on withdraws.

There are many types of ‘withdraws’ that an individual may make.  For now, we will keep it simple.  Let’s say someone’s trying to give you advice, as happens often in life.  How much that individual has deposited into your emotional bank account will have a direct bearing on (1) whether you will be open-minded about hearing the idea or not, and (2) how receptive you will be to said idea.  This is something to be given serious consideration considering the following life-changing examples that are mentioned.

Two of the few addictions that I faced long ago were an addiction to gambling and alcoholism.  While going through those issues, there were separate circumstances that took place, each of which had a particular individual attempting to give me advice and let me know that I possibly had a problem.  Like all addictions, people rarely realize there’s a problem until ‘things are in full swing’.  As such, most of the time it takes a considerable amount of effort to overcome these significant problems.

When each of these problems was brought about by each of these individuals, I honestly didn’t ‘see’ any problem.  More importantly, I didn’t give either issue deeper consideration because these individuals made withdraws, significant withdraws over years, to the point that they each had a ‘negative balance’ with me.  Given this, there was just no way on earth I was going to give these issues consideration given those points.

Much later on, two different individuals pointed out the very same issues.  This time it was different as each of them had a significant degree of ‘deposits’ they had made into their respective emotional bank accounts with me, and as such, I was incredibly open-minded about it, and that made all the difference in the world.  It changed the paths I took in life.

These two personal examples are brought about to show how making deposits of myriad types is not only (1) crucial for the growth of relationship, but (2) what takes place within that relationship, what an individual may be able to do later on.  While having a ‘positive balance’ is great and all for healthy relationships and is really what individuals do to make relationships grow, the fact that this can have an incredible bearing on significant circumstances when it matters most is not something that should merely be given an askance glance.

I say this often, but I really am grateful such instances took place because I wouldn’t be where I am at today without such circumstances having taken place in my life.  Relationships can grow or wither, and each of these opposing avenues brings about significantly different options regarding what takes place thereafter in relationships.

Where would I be now if people hadn’t made those significant deposits, and more importantly, acted on them?  I don’t even want to contemplate such a thing because it’s a scary proposition.  But it’s important to consider since that’s a dark road if there ever were one, and a road that had danger written all over it.

No matter who you meet in life, where they are in life, or what circumstances manifest between you and yours, keep making those deposits.  For you never know when you might need to ‘cash in those chips’.

Given the ceaseless tidal waves of obstacles all individuals face in life, you never truly know how meaningful those deposits will be later on, or how downright life altering they could turn out to be.

While making relationships grow is all about making deposits of myriad types overtime, there is just no price you can put to having the ability to save someone’s life merely because you acted out of kindness and love.

If that’s not one of the best ‘dividends’ that can come out of an emotional bank account, I don’t know what is.

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