Zy Marquiez
April 8, 2019

A few days ago, I wrote about a newfound ‘friend’ of mine, or, let’s say acquaintance since that’s probably a lot more accurate.

Like the filthiest of major league baseball pitchers, this person just throws the nastiest curveball I could have imagined.  It was so damn beautiful all I could do was sit and stare, striking out like an amateur major leaguer.  One thing that happens often is, depending on what books a person carries, it might spark a conversation with someone.  This happens a lot with me and this instance was no different.  After seeing me prop down a book by Dr. Joseph P. Farrel and BAM! Everything changed.

Given the abstruse subject matter, my respect for him went right off the scale.  He might as well told me he discovered a new scientific theory or something akin to that.  Sure enough, the next nigh 3-4 hours or so each of us spoke about some of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s books, and many other significant issues that plague society in its entirety.  I love when these type of conversations happen.  It doesn’t happen often, but it happens nonetheless and when it does its appreciated.

None of this would have happened if I wouldn’t have been open to him as a person, yet alone a friend.  I’ve never in my life attempted to ever talk to someone that hated my guts and had let mutual friends know.  My mindset usually would have been: why would I?  That’s not the kind of thing that often even gets considered by anyone, and it’s completely understandable.  And this thought is coming from someone that’s a bit more open-minded than the average person, and even so, that consideration (1) would not have ever crossed my mind; moreover, (2) talking to someone that I knew hated me so much would have felt like a waste of time.  “Why bother?” instantly comes to mind.  This is why mindfulness in all instances is crucial for it leads to  considerations that aren’t oft-considered.

There are moments in life that you find out just one detail, one thing about any particular individual and that one detail is what sets them apart from the rest.   It gives you so much respect for that person that it changes everything.  This was the epitome of one of these instances.

This is one of those reasons why those pennies, those inconsequentially seemingly small investments into emotional bank accounts shouldn’t be overlooked, for you never know where they may lead.

And who knows, you may even make a friend in the process.


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