“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.”
– Amit Ray, Mindfulness Living In The Moment – Living In Breath

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
– Steve Maraboli, life, The Truth & Being Free

Zy Marquiez
April 8, 2019

Why write about mindset at all?[1] Why not write about pyramids, history, ancient civilizations, consciousness, advanced weapons, secret weapons, propaganda, and other topics?

This is because any of those topics, any topic whatsoever, shared by any individual, whether it comes from this blog, or anywhere else in your life, is irrelevant without approaching the topic with a proper mindset.  Whatever do I mean?

If you are reading this, and are a reader from a Western Nation, then more than likely you have been subjected to public schooling and it is doing a bang up job at ‘teaching’ you what to think, but not how to think.  Since that is the case, then you, as myself and many others, have been subjected to a tsunami of propaganda that would be unreal if people wouldn’t be writing about it over and over again.

Knowledge of this propaganda, social engineering et al., is crucial, for these tailor an individual’s public schooling, our knowledge base, our intellectual capacity, our mindset, and moreBut the mainstream establishment and mainstream public schooling will never outright tell you such things exist, and if they do, you get the cursory view of it, the watered-down version; you get the glossy book cover version, what looks nice, what looks pretty – a rosy-colored lens if there ever were one.  Rarely do we ever get the truth from governments and the media as individuals.  At least, not when it matters most.

More importantly, if an individual has been trained to not question anything, not to be inherently curious, if that individual has been trained to blindly follow orders, and merely become a cog in the machine, then what mindset would such an individual employ?  The mindset employed would be one of not exploring any subjects; that is system-imposed close-mindedness if there ever was any; a gear in a machine at worst, and the epitome of conformity at its best.  Such an individual would lack open-mindedness by default, such an individual would never contemplate possibilities as they could be, or as they are.

I could show you source after source after source of the most fascinating, and most interesting life-changing ideas, but if your mind isn’t open to it, it doesn’t matter now does it?  And it should matter, because the information discussed in this blog (for the most part) is incredibly important and has resounding effects in our individual lives.  These are resounding effects that could change you, the individual, down to the core.  But those effects cannot take place without having the proper mindset.

Mindset is the catapult from which the individual launches from, the space station from which the individual ventures into the unknows of space seeking answers, seeking knowledge, pondering deeper questions than ever thought possible, considering the finer strands that life and reality has to offer in more ways than you could have imagined.

Since time immemorial, individuals throughout history have tackled life head on with a sound mindset; individuals have risen to the occasion and conquered unfathomable obstacles; individuals have made inventions that changed the lives of everyone around them, changes that altered the course of history; all of this follows a “can do” attitude, a “can do” mindset.

But saying that mindset is everything would be a lie, for the wrong mindset employed can have incredibly damaging effects for individuals and those around them.  During World War II, the Nazi’s were the epitome of what the darker side of mindset can do.

To maximize the effect of mindset, individuals must be mindful of what they put it in their minds, of what they subject themselves to.  Mindset and mindfulness are not two separate lenses, but two gears in our intellectual machine, a machine whose purpose helps lay the foundation for the paths that you journey towards as an individual.

Where mindfulness is employed, a strong mindset follows, for mindfulness centers you, your thoughts, your actions; where mindfulness isn’t employed, a strong mindset could still be employed, but the action that follows will not be as focused, centered, incisive, precise, and so on.  Moreover, if your mindset is running on autopilot, running from your subconscious rather than from your being level, then you will not be engaged fully in life, and how could one make optimal choices in such a manner?  Do you see all those different tiers of mindfulness and how that couples to mindset?  And those are not all of them either, not by a longshot.

Mindset is still a tool all individuals may employ, not unlike a hammer.  And just like a hammer can build things, it can destroy things.  Mindset is just as so.  Mindset, employed correctly, will create magnificent things, like any other tool.  Mindset, employed incorrectly, is highly destructive, just like any tool can be.   Therefore, its paramount to be thoughtful in your actions and considerations, for they have a bearing in your life as an individual.

All tools are capable of being immensely helpful in every single way.  In what way, that is ultimately the choice of the individual.  A sound mindset is only useful if employed soundly, just as a hammer can only build things when used correctly.

Now I ask you this: you have a mental tool that’s known as mindset and serves as an incredible tool in your life; are you going to make sure the tool is going to be fully operational, ready to be deployed, sharpened as it needs to be, not unlike sharpening a knife before use?

With a sound mindset, what will you build with that tool?  What door will you create for yourself with that tool?  Are you open to those possibilities?

More importantly: where will that door lead?  The only way to find out is to begin constructing that door.  And the only way to do that is to become proactive in your own life, and not merely reactive to what life throws at you.

The notable John C. Maxwell said it best:

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”


[1] This post is going to set the foundation in the dichotomy of the light side of mindset, and the dark side of mindset, each of which will be split into separate series.  Each side will be elaborated upon in the future at length.  This piece is merely to (1) serve as the introduction to showcase the dichotomy of mindset, but also to consider that (2) although the word mindset is tossed around quite often in modern life, there’s a significant different between each type of mindset, and the darker side of mind set is nigh never given a fair glance, yet alone deeply considered.

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