Zy Marquiez
April 9, 2019

You ever enter a room, a place, a random locale, and instantly feel the bad vibes?  (I am thinking of one of my friend’s here.  If he’s reading this, and we’ve talked about this often, he probably knows where I might be headed with this.)

With the above scenario in mind, in the past I would have willingly stayed in the place without much thought; the last decade or so I’ve learned not to subject myself to that.  Besides the obvious fact that negativity isn’t exactly pleasant to be around, the more important factor is that persistent exposure to such will begin drastically changing you as individual.  Why do you think the media often fear mongers to no end?  Fear and negativity are lathered by the truckload by the mainstream media, and not without reason: because it works.  That is Social Engineering 101 – it changes individuals.

The most salient examples of a shift in mindset, of a shift in vibes[1], is when an individual begins hanging out with the wrong crowd (as I did long ago), and their whole ‘frequency’ shifts to that particular crowd, which is wholly detrimental to their entire being.  I have lived through this circumstance a few times, most of individuals probably have.  The opposite is also true though, exposure to the right people, genuine down-to-earth caring human beings is not only a pleasant experience, but downright rejuvenates your soul.  What better example of this than a concert?  Positive vibes are infectious.  They super-charge you soul for weeks or months at times.

That last point, along with other reasons, is why I love meeting new people.  Occasionally, you meet one of ‘your people’ who resonates with you at that frequency that lets you know “it’s all good, no matter what.”  Come hell or high water, veritable obstacles made from bricks are going to be destroyed with mere toothpicks.  That mentality is refreshing.  This has happened to me these last few weeks a few times, as I am sure it has happened to all of you throughout your lives.  That’s a circumstance I wholly appreciate.

However, just because negativity doesn’t feel good doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be ruminated upon, that it shouldn’t’ be acknowledged.  In fact, it’s my contention that some of the pervasive issues that plague western nations stem from the erroneous point of view that only the positive, what feels good is what matters.  I deliberately say western nations because eastern nations, eastern philosophies, don’t take this approach.  Therefore, individuals from those nations are more balanced and centered in their mindset.  It might seem counter intuitive to mention that after what I mention above, but it is not.

There is an incredible difference between acknowledging something negative, ruminating upon it, learning from it, and choosing to expose yourself to it.  As an example, avoiding negativity because you know its detrimental in the long term is just like saying I know fire burns, and given that I’ve been burned several times, I’m going to avoid it.  That said, the knowledge of how to use the fire (the circumstances that cause pain, suffering, etc.) to make something more of myself shouldn’t be overlooked.  But you don’t intentionally go burning yourself simply because negative circumstances show up on your personal journey.

Now, let’s extend that metaphor a bit and instead of dealing with one fire on the road, an individual notice myriad fires.  That individual that is willing to take a road fraught with fires, a road laden in negativity, is an individual that will have a much harder journey ahead.  Yet, many times, people don’t think twice and not only go on that road that contain brushfires everywhere, but they bring gasoline.  I was a prime example of this.

Many times, through playing poker, I noticed my perspective, my mindset, shift.  I noticed myself mentally going from water mindset, adjusting as water does, in perfect balance irrespective of circumstance, to transmuting myself into gasoline – a proverbial ocean of gasoline.  The problem with that mentality is that, if you are an ocean of gasoline yourself, anyone can light a match that will ignite you, a match that’ll shift your perspective by leaps and bounds.  Sometimes others light that ocean of gasoline, sometimes you do it, but the result is always the same, anger, desolation, destruction, and worse.

Thankfully having gone through that instance many times has made me incredibly cognizant of why your thoughts, your mindset, matters.  It always matters.  These thoughts shift your inner being, your nature, the frequency with which you live life – your vibes.  What’s more, that resonates.  This is why social engineering is employed to such an extent.

When circumstances arise that test you as an individual, it would be prudent to react like a river would.

When a river is in prolonged exposure to overwhelming heat, the fires from the skies that threaten drought, it withdraws into itself, it submerges within the land; therein the river maintains its endless reservoir away from the heat, until better times arise.

Every single individual can do the same.

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