Zy Marquiez
April 10, 2019

Out of all of the emotional bank accounts an individual can invest in, the most important one to always consider is your own emotional bank account.  This notion is the equivalent of loving yourself first before you love others.

Consider the following: how likely is an individual to be friendly, kind, caring, loving, et al., if their emotional bank account is at $0?  Or worse, negative?  It’s something to ruminate upon at length.

It’s intriguing to consider the capacity that an individual has to act out of a genuinely caring perspective.  It is not unreasonable to think that an individual’s exposure to negative circumstances will be downright emotionally, morally, and spiritually draining.  Conversely, it is reasonable to see that exposure to environments and individuals of a positive and loving nature will have significant results.

The first environment that an individual is involved in and is exposed to is their very self, their very own being.  This is a crucial detail because it allows for an individual to tailor their environment from the outset, by starting from within.

At this point, all individuals have a choice: what type of ideas and circumstances to subject themselves to?  Each of these ideas and circumstances that are chosen will affect an individual’s emotional bank account.  For example, exposure to ceaseless fear-mongering and lashing out from mainstream media that rarely offers solutions will be incredibly draining and will make an individual fearful and feel helpless ; exposure to more grounded, solution-based, vibrant and thoughtful ideas will allow for an individual to be energized and stay balanced, not overlooking significant details within any particular issue.

Each thought, each idea, each circumstance, infuses or subtracts emotional energy within an individual.  It is paramount for an individual to make sure that a proactive undertaking is carried out not only to make sure that inner balance is maintained, but an individual’s emotional bank account is being replenished if emotional energy was withdrawn and/or increased as much as possible irrespective of circumstance.

How each person accomplishes is the choice of the individual, for each individual is significantly different; only each individual will know what works for them, which is not necessarily what will work for others.

What’s the best way to replenish your emotional bank account?  Is it merely doing something fun, or perhaps something meaningful?  Is it finding something inspiring?  Is it a vacation?  Is it simply a day off?  Is it spending time with family and/or friends?  There are many factors to consider, yet the possibilities abound.

Just make sure to do what’s best for you, for only you know what is best.


Author’s Note:

While a lot of this might seem obvious in hindsight, not much is said about it that I can find.  This is all written for deeper consideration of what supercharges you, the individual, to be at the top of your game.  And to merely consider that is always worth it.

One last thing, small acts that energize you shouldn’t be overlooked.  One need not take a fancy vacation to the Maldives to supercharge yourself.  I mean, if you can do THAT, then by all means (wouldn’t that be nice!).  That said, often times, simply adding a variety of smaller actions could do a lot.  This approach works for me quite often.

Some of the smaller considerations an individual may undertake could be exercises of myriad types, making time for your favorite things (books, movies, shows, songs, poems, quotes, places to visit, photos, drawing, scrapbooking, et al.), undertaking your favorite past times (walking, jogging, swimming, ruminating, etc.), and many other things.  No ideas should be overlooked no matter how simple they seem at first blush, for you never know how the smallest of ideas might just resonate with you and infuse you with energy.

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