“Science does not know its debt to imagination.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
– Albert Einstein

Zy Marquiez
April 9, 2019

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Transformers fan.  You’ve been warned.

When speaking of imagination, my focus has always been on getting individuals themselves to use their own imagination because that’s the only imagination they can control.  That said, your imagination could literally infuse excitement into someone else.

For example, my mind’s liable to go anywhere, at any time, for any reason, and it does.  It does often.  But it’s not like my mind’s just drifting and dreaming, not at all.  It’s actively engaged in creating something, sometimes a short story, a rhyme scheme, a poem, a blog, it doesn’t matter.  My mind is usually active somewhere to a considerable degree and not merely daydreaming.

In that sense, it’s not unlike typing a paper on a computer and talking to someone simultaneously.  You’re paying attention; in fact, you remember the whole conversation and can pick up exactly where the other person left off.  It’s just that your mind is slightly engaged on something else.  I’ve been told that my eyes give it away, and it’s not hard to tell according to everyone that’s told me.  I feel bad, but I can’t help myself though, its who I am.

Depending on whom I’m with and if I’m comfortable with them, I’m liable to actually say what’s on my mind, usually in a joking manner because making people laugh is one way do add a little sugar to life without much effort.

Anyhow, one thing that I’m liable to blurt out at any moment when seeing construction vehicles is, “It’s a Decepticon!”.  Really, don’t ask.  I see construction vehicles, I see Decepticons taking over.  Oh yeah, the ‘taking over’ is part of the story too, but we’re not going to get into that.  I usually say it around adults though, my main peoples and whatnot.  Sometimes kids might hear me say that and some get it and some don’t.  With the ones that don’t, that’s when you know imagination’s staring to falter in the next generation.

When they curiously ask me what I mean, I just tell them the truth: it’s obvious the construction vehicles are Decepticons.

“Can’t you see it?  Remember Devastator?”
“So you remember all those construction vehicles?”
“And they were all bad, remember.”
“Have you ever seen a good construction vehicle with the Autobots?”
“It’s because the Decepticons use construction vehicles to take over.  The Autobots aren’t trying to take over, they like the world the way it is.”
“Yeahhhhhhhh I get it.”

Bam.  Simple.  Logical.  Yet, imaginative.

Well, it just so happens that visiting with my friend not long ago, before I got a chance to say “It’s a Decepticon!,” her son beat me to the punch.  I had a huge smile on my face, and she says “You started it!”  Raising my palms and backing away in resignation I say, “Hey, it’s not MY FAULT they’re taking over, sheesh!”

The point is, it never struck me how the smallest of imaginative circumstances can give  someone else a jolt until then.  I mean, it’s obvious in hindsight.  But to see someone get downright excited to see the same thing you see, to feel the same way you feel, that’s something.

Conversely, some people, just have no imagination.  The imagination they employ is like 1/100000th of what it could be.  It might be because (1) they’re to cool for that, (2) imagination is for kids (even though adults employ it all the time), (3) imagination is ‘stupid’, (4) and any other host of reasons that doesn’t hold water.

It’s okay though, just because some people employ only one quadrillionth of their imagination, doesn’t mean everyone else should.

Main takeaway: you never know what your imagination will do for yourself, yet alone others.

One of the best writers of all time, the notable Ray Bradbury said it best:

“Imagination should be the center of your life.”

Today, you merely saw construction vehicles.  Tomorrow?  You see Decepticons.  The next day?  Don’t ask me about that, it’s your imagination.  I could tell each and every one of you what happens in my mind, but most people wouldn’t believe it.

More importantly, what happens with my imagination is not what matters, it’s what happens with yours.

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