Zy Marquiez
April 11, 2019

Deposits and withdraws within emotional bank accounts have varying degrees.

Just as there’s a difference between the precious metals gold and silver when compared to cash (federal reserve notes), there’s a significant difference between normal every-day acts of kindness and more significant ones.

Gold and Silver are tangible assets.  Cash is merely federal reserve notes.  The main difference is that the former asset is tangible, while the latter is merely the facsimile of it.  In the same way that gold and silver vis a vis cash are on separate levels, some normal every-day acts individuals undertake for people juxtaposed with more significant acts are on separate tiers.

For instance, saying hello to someone, smiling, opening a door for someone, doing a small favor, are all actions that contribute positively to an individual’s emotional bank account.  However, these acts are not the same as someone changing your tire, helping you move, someone baling you out of trouble, doing a big favor, lending an ear in a time of need, etc.  It’s clear these examples rank differently across the spectrum [1].  How noteworthy an action is, along with how much a person appreciates the act dictate how significant that act is as an emotional deposit.

The point is that relationships build upon trust, actions, time, history and other factors, and those factors outline the parameters of why we hold certain friends in higher standards than others.  That’s why one could argue there’s a difference between people being friends, good friends, great friends and best friends.  Another argument could be made that, as one goes up in tiers, one ‘kind of’ expects (I say this loosely) each higher tier to do more than the lower, IF it all possible [2].

For instance, would you expect a total stranger to do you a small favor?  Maybe, maybe not.  But would you expect a friend to do so?  Probably most of the time.  Equally, would you expect a random friend or acquaintance to drop everything if something significant happened like a family member was in the hospital?  Maybe.  But would you expect one of your best friends to do so if you asked?  More than likely.

In no way am I saying that anybody needs to do anything, simply that there’s a certain expectancy in friendship based on the circumstances and issues we individuals face.  It’s simply people having your ‘back’ so to speak.

Each type of emotional deposit, each type action, builds trust and loyalty.  These factors build relationships, and further solidify what they ultimate become among the above discussed tiers of friendship.

While that might not seem like a big deal, it is incredibly paramount, for society runs on arguably trust more than anything. 

You trust your deposits to be safe in your bank, you trust your food to be safe, you trust your children to be safe in school, you trust media is telling you the truth, and so on.  Every single one of us has a level of trust that is inherent in nigh every interaction we undertake, and yet, paradoxically, trust is nigh never discussed in every day topics.  Ruminate upon that deeply for it has a bearing on how society operates.

As trust between individuals grows, a healthy relationship follows, relationships of myriad types.  And the level of trust between each of these relationships dictates what you expect and what you do not.  That said, everyone is different, and that’s one of the spices of life, variety.

No matter what type of outlook or expectancy an individual has on friendships, there is a significant difference between one act and another, whatever those acts may be.

And just like there are rocks, crystals, gems, diamonds and black pearls in nature, there are individuals that mirror each of those, and with good reason, because that difference matters.  If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a distinction between strangers and family, between friends and best friends.

That distinction is what life is about: quality human beings [3].

For quality human beings were, are, and always will be a cut above the rest.

No amount of cash, gold, or silver in the world can top that.


[1] An individual’s spectrum under which actions ping on an emotional bank account varies, and sometimes considerably.  My hopes in the above example was simply to note that, even though each individual values different actions differently, there is a point where some actions are of smaller significance when compared to others.

[2] I say ‘kind of’ because what people expect from friendships vary given an individual’s point of view, culture, society, philosophy, spirituality, age, sex, life experience and so on.

[3] Quality human being doesn’t imply perfection of any individual, far from it.  It just means the assemblage of acts an individual undertakes over the course of a lifetime that ultimately end up echoing who you are over the long term. 

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