Zy Marquiez
April 11, 2019

Following along the lines of using poker as an analogy for life and your imagination to play the “friend’s card,” below we are going to follow that with a suggestion on some of the ways individuals can play the “ignorance card”.  You might be asking, why in the world would anyone want to seem ignorant?  Follow along below and it will all make sense.

A few weeks ago I was walking to the parking lot somewhere getting books, when I noticed the lady in front of me speed up while walking.  At that moment, I knew she was nervous of being followed so I decided to ‘tie my shoe’.

Why would I “tie my shoe?”  Because nobody should ever be in an uncomfortable situation, especially given how it was obvious she was afraid of being followed while I was merely getting some books in the car.  Moreover, ‘tying your shoe’ adds distance while adding subtly.

The point remains: sometimes there’s simple acts an individual can undertake that helps bring comfort to people, even if they never realize it like that woman did.  She has no idea my tying my shoe wasn’t in fact that, not even close.  She bolted like lightning.

Another circumstance under which an individual can play the ignorance card through the ‘tie your shoe’ method is when someone’s behind you, whether it’s the grocery store, the mall, parking lot, wherever.  As I’m sure most of you would agree, one need not know that someone’s up to no good in that circumstance.  The feeling of having someone behind you or close to you that you just don’t know – or even if you do – is not one of those feelings most people aren’t okay with. Heck, even having someone you know hovering over you sometimes feels uncomfortable.  Totally understandable. 

I only toss out the idea of tying your shoe so you can let a person walk on by because many times I’ve seen people speed up, which makes sense at times, but if a person really is a threat that might not do much [1][2].  In fact, an individual might end up cornering themselves and move away from safety.  Staying around crowds and so on is one method that helps counteract that.

Whether it is ‘tying your shoe’, ‘checking out’ an item, stopping to ‘check your phone’, there is no limit to the ways that you can play ignorance and in fact be operating under total vigilance.  The options are limitless because they all operate under your imagination.  Don’t overlook anything.

One thing poker taught me is that sometimes the best way to stay ahead of someone is simply to seem like you’re ten steps behind.

Author’s Notes:

[1] For the love of all common sense in the world do not ever take your eyes off the person if your instincts are going ballistic.

[2] If you’re really concerned with safety, don’t even bother with tying your shoe, simply change directions.  Do it as often as you need to, for that’s the only way to be sure someone might have it in for you.  I’m not trying to be funny here either, am totally serious.  Worse comes to worse, you were wrong, no big deal.  But if you’re right, those simple acts might make all the difference.

It didn’t strike me to share this until now, but I found it important given the serious ramifications these circumstances can have for myriad circumstances.  It doesn’t matter who it is, what’s suggested are simple things that can be done that might make all the difference in the world.  And that’s what its all about, making a difference.

For what its worth, I play this particular card all the time, there’s just no reason not to.

More importantly, I mention all this to show that imagination has a lot more ramifications then merely creativity.  While creativity is usually what I couple imagination too, imagination can save someone’s life – it does so all the time.  This is why I will continue sharing it over and over again because people just underestimate the use of imagination in life.  These are merely a handful of the circumstances in which imagination can help.  More will be discussed in the future.  Hope this helps.
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