Zy Marquiez
April 11, 2019

Nigh a week ago or so, I ended that particular write up about emotional bank accounts with the topic of “interest rates”, totally jesting.  It didn’t occur to me until now about making that a ‘topic’ of discussion under emotional bank accounts until today.

Today I ran a friend that I run into every now and then that’s grown to become something of an older sister in my mind.  I even openly tell another friend that, who has known her far longer than I have, and he sees her just as so since that’s the trust she has garnered with him as well.

Anyways, today there was a circumstance that exemplified this notion best.  We began with catching up for a considerable time.  Thence, after speaking about her demotivational speaking and how that’s going, and I’m not saying this in jest, she literally is working on ways to demotivate people (don’t ask), we caught up for a while and then she got to venting.

There’s venting, and then there’s VENTING.  This was the latter.

The former would be merely having run-of-the-mill complains that help relieve steam, while the latter is the stuff that if you hold inside it’ll make you stew and turn green.  She went on to vent considerably, and when she was done, I followed suit and opened the release valve as well; she vented about something significant in her life, while I vented about my Mom’s health and my concern for her and her well being.

These circumstances are the type of things that aren’t planned but can be seen as the ‘returns’ that are accrued from consistently making ‘deposits’ into emotional bank accounts.  And while conversations in general can be seem as ‘no big deal’ at first glance, the fact that there’s a veritable industry around this very subject goes to show the significance of this.

What kind of ‘returns’ relationships of myriad types have is wholly dependent on time, effort, and so on, but often times these ‘returns’ help when you least expect them, and that’s why they are incredibly crucial.

An individual never knows when you might need to open a release valve where pressure has built to a certain point, and I sure as heck didn’t know I needed to vent about my Mom’s health again until today.

And believe me, that made all the difference in the world. 

My day (and hopefully hers) went from merely “wanting to get research and writing” done to steamrolling ahead like a locomotive.

That’s one thing about life, sometimes (1) not only do you not know you need to release some steam, but more important, (2) you might not realize how much you can help another person merely by lending an ear when they least expect it.

And while I am grateful for my friend lending an ear, I’m equally grateful for everyone who’s doing their part for their friends just like in the example above, for its little acts of kindness like that which make the world a better place.

Isn’t that what part of life is about, making the world a better place?

Who would have thought conversations could do such a thing?  But they do, they do all the time, it’s just not oft-considered.

The above circumstance is merely an example of Gandhi’s timeless quote:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Change that starts with every single one of you reading this; change that is possible every day; change that happens every day; change that at times comes when you least expect it.

And isn’t it ironic that change is literally one of the things that accrues from deposits into bank accounts?

“How about them apples?”

Author’s Note:

I really couldn’t resist using the last quote from my favorite movie of all time, Good Will Hunting. 

Good Will Hunting is really a fantastic movie all around.  It’s loaded with far more substance than modern movies are, and it has life lessons to boot.  In fact, it makes me feel emotional just contemplating it.  It’s really worth watching.  I’ve easily seen it over 100 times.

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