Zy Marquiez
April 12, 2019

You’re probably thinking, “Who doesn’t love Friday?”

Okay Negative Nancy, LEMME TELL SOMETHING TO YOU (voiced like the guy from Happy Feet – another one of my favorite movies), THERE’S NO NEED TO RAIN ON SOMEBODY’S PARADE.

I don’t love Fridays in the traditional sense, but by the resonant effect Friday’s create.

Honestly, to me it matters not what day it is.  Given my health issues in the past, I live by the adage “Everyday above ground is a great day.”  I’m thankful to be alive, every day.  Every, single, day is f%$@ing fantastic, (say it slowly with me) FAN-TAS-TIC.  Waking up only gets better from there.  Fridays are no different.

Why do I love Fridays though?  Because Friday is the day everyone else ends up enjoying the most.  There’s expectancy, hope, happiness, excitement – I revel in that.

I love it when it’s Friday because people are downright thrilled about that today.  Aren’t you all?  It’s nigh their default and it’s incredible to see.  That just makes my day every single Friday.

It reminds me of an instance I had with my friends father a long time ago when was in my early 20s that echoes until this day.

I never saw him enjoying the pool they had on the property.  Not onceThat struck me as odd, as I am sure it does most of you.  What’s the point of having a pool if you’re not going to use it?

It was a brand new pool and we had used it dozens of times in that summer.  One time, coming out of the pool, I asked him point blank, “Why don’t you go into the pool?”  He replied because I don’t care about the pool, it love seeing everyone enjoying it, that makes me happy.

Likewise, I don’t care that it’s Friday, but I genuinely love seeing people in their wholehearted positive nature.  That, just, makes, my, day.

And if that’s not motivation, I DON’T KNOW WHAT DAY YOU ALL ARE WAITING FOR!

Chop chop, you all go do something great!

Long-distance high fives the whole way.  TGIF – Be safe.


Author’s Note:

The above blog post might not seem like its content similar to the rest I’ve been sharing, but it truly is.

Ponder this: how often do you see someone in a great mood do a bad thing?  Rarely.  How often do you see people in bad moods do good things?  Same answer.  People in good moods do good things, people in bad moods do bad things.

What better day of the week for people to have good moods than Friday?  The way I see it, why not help stoke the fires of change while they’re burning bright?

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