I am making this post because I just have a feeling that someone might be thinking that the post I made about ‘large scale withdraws‘ might have been about them, when it was not.   Not.  Even.  Close.

The post was because my Mother’s in the hospital as we speakLiterally.  No, I am not making this up, not even a little bit.  I didn’t want to throw that out there because that’s personal, but given how people tend to look way too into my actions over and over again, I thought I would just throw it out there just in case.  And yes, she slipped and hit her head on the counterI am not making that up either.

More importantly, the only reason I am not even there is because I take immuno suppressants due to Ulcerative Colitis, and that makes my immune system highly susceptible to infectionsWhere someone’s immune system wouldn’t have an issue dealing with average viruses and infections, mine does when on immunosuppressants.  I have been hospitalized a few times just because of that very issue, and since I am out of remission and I stand to be hospitalized by just from walking through those doors, I have to avoid that place.

It’s incredibly overwhelming not to be there for your Mom, the person you love most in the world.  THAT’S why I am writing Dark Poetry.  If someone has a problem with it they need to just block me.  I need to vent about this, and writing poetry is my main way.

Ironically, I would be going to the gym every day, like I used too, which would help my health and immune system greatly, but going out of my way to the second gym (1) not only adds 45 minutes to my schedule every day, but (2) is incredibly stressful and its not helping as much as it should.  Sometimes it does the opposite.

Again, the only reason I began writing poetry again was because of that.  It’s just an incredible way to vent about something that’s bothering you.

I really hope I am just reading too into a certain person’s actions today, but I post this information just in case.


The post I meant to hyperlink above wasn’t account closures, but ‘large scale withdraws’.  Just wanted to make sure to correct that.