“Do things for people.  Not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”
– Harold S. Kushner

“We rise by lifting others.”
– Robert Ingersoll

Zy Marquiez
April 15, 2019

This post follows another one in the ‘Emotional Bank Account’ series that is called ‘Account Closures’.  In that blog post I vented my frustration about a particular worker somewhere who retaliated against one employee because they couldn’t retaliate against the person they wanted to.  At the time of writing that blog post, I didn’t think I would write a ‘follow up’ per se, as each of these posts its meant to stand on its own.  That said, given certain circumstances at times an individual must go where the winds of life takes them, and this is why there’s going to be a fortuitous and unplanned follow up.

A few days ago I had the fortunate circumstance of running into a few friends, all of that know about the particular issue that took place that day.  Long story short, there are nigh five employees (with possibly more to act), one former employee and three customers who are bandying together to vouch for the credibly of the person that was fired as well as pointing out other significant issues.

This entire coalescence of interests was unplanned given that each of us were partaking in our acts to attempt to lend aid to this person.  Once we found out our interests dovetailed, it was natural to band together.

Where this entire situation goes, it is uncertain.  That said, that’s not the main point of this write up.  The main point is that it’s great to see acquaintances and friends ‘mutually investing’ into someone else in a significant way.  This is the type of instance that really gives you hope as a human being.

One more thing: I just found out (as I was writing this) that yesterday someone else almost got fired unfairly.  Thankfully that person was not.  That said, that person would have turned into a veritable storm (and rightly so) not standing for it.  Where that circumstance goes, it is to early to know.  It’s still something everyone’s keeping note of given everything taking place and how fluid the situation is.

Bottom line: it’s great to be able to take actions for someone that needs help, but its even better to have many people do it in conjunction with each other.

Hopefully it makes a difference.  But even if it doesn’t, its still the right thing to do at least.

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