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Zy Marquiez
April 16, 2019

I am writing the following due to a post on Instagram that was shared a long time ago that had to do with child abuse and so on.  I just finished reading that right now, which is why I am writing this.  That’s the ‘inspiration’ for this, if you could call it that.

I wrote a post long ago on Instagram called “Black Unicorns”, based on a topic that I discussed with a friend of mine many years ago.  The whole point of that piece was it was under the premise for my appreciation for women which became the metaphor for Black Unicorns.  That much was obvious, what wasn’t obvious is what follows.

In my nascent stages of life, my family and I underwent significant and excruciating abuse.  This type of environment obviously tailors who you become, what your fears are, what terrifies you, who you trust, and so on.  The main part of all of this abuse stemmed from my father, which I have alluded to him countless times as being the ‘father of darkness’.  Conversely, I have alluded to my mother as the ‘Mother of light’.  Neither parent was perfect, but I appreciate both, though obviously my Mom by magnitudes more, but it was my father who chose to unleashed cataclysmic pain that no human being, yet alone a child should ever endure.

That dichotomy leads to me often feeling that I live in a world of grays, a subject which once again arose in my mind very recently.  Perhaps I will write about it again, though I am uncertain as to this time.

Grays, as part of the color spectrum, is something that is synonymous with storms.  Storms are a whole kaleidoscope of grays.  That’s how I’ve often felt in life, and many of the scenarios that took place after only cemented my kinship with the colors gray, silver, platinum, and the like.

More importantly though, I say all this because people that did not know me as a human being made an erroneous assumption about why I wrote that post.  Yes, that post was about women, as I said before, that much was obvious. 

What isn’t so obvious that the pyramid under which that post stands, the pyramid that is the constant support,  the walls that have provided a sanctum for my entire life, the very place where my spirit often rests, the foundation of the very person that I am, is my Mom.  At the top of the pyramid my trust for women, all women, stands, because I haven’t been fucked over as much by women, nigh ever, as I have been screwed over by men, mainly my fatherBut it was my mom who was always the foundation for everything amazing that followedMoreover, most of my best friends over time and still now have been female too, which only further reinforced my trust for women.

I didn’t plan on sharing this as it was on spontaneous feeling, but I share all this because I hope people in the future don’t end up misjudging others, whoever it is, without actually (1) knowing them, (2) knowing how their mind works, (3) knowing what the context is, but most important, (4) knowing what lead to that context. 

It’s easy to see the world in black and whites, but most of the time the world really is a whirlwind of grays; a whirlwind that is never-ceasing because a lot of what happens in life, is entirely subjective.

That is why I always bring everything down to ‘the individual’.

Everything we do, see and experience is entirely through our independent point of views.  These points of views, as I’ve often referenced, tailor every breath that we take, every step that we take, every road we will venture towards, and ultimately, the life that we live.

Perhaps a road will serve as a perfect conclusion for this, for never more will we see grays then on the road of life; the road that is littered with every single circumstance imaginable, all of which lead towards the future.

It’s on that road, the road of life, that we will witness countless storms, storms of every type imaginable, storms that are as wondrous as they are frightening, but storms that, at the end of the day, are paved in grays.

Fortuitously, it is within those grays, those storms that pour endless rain that water travels through and thankfully sprinkles the Earth with.

Water that brings life; water whose very essence is balance; water whose very being is interwoven within the streams of life more than any other element on earth.

And that world of grays up above is what helps it all along.

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Zy Marquiez is an avid book reviewer, inquirer, an open-minded skeptic, yogi, and freelance writer who aims at empowering individuals while also studying and regularly mirroring subjects like Consciousness, Education, Creativity, The Individual, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more.

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