The Allure Of Purest Darkness | #Poetry | #Poem | #Prose | #Quote | #Writing | #Darkness

If you won’t embellish in the allure of purest darkness
Don’t be hellish and obscure, just cure the heartless.

Zy Marquiez | The Lightning Baron

Author’s Note:

This one deals with accepting pain and sorrow if it takes place, considering the circumstances.  My greatest fear is losing my Mom.  These thoughts stem from that.  And if nothing compromises her health, then for me to try and do whatever positive things I can for myself and others.  It’s merely to accept pain fully and not be partial about it, because if one doesn’t grieve properly as happened with me losing 2 grandparents the last few years, then one will not be whole again until one accepts the sorrow of loss, which hits me hard every time.


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Noctis Blackburn

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