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Diving into you, I keep striving towards rapture
Arriving into blues – Heaven onward captures

Zy Marquiez | The Lightning Baron

Author’s Note:

Though I’ve been on a Dark Poetry roll of late, this is only the second (or third?) piece that’s positive that I’ve written in dozens of poems the last week.  I usually stagger them in order, but I thought I’d move it ahead of the line since I thought it was worth sharing to shake things up and not be so somber.

Was just washing the dishes when I thought of the above poem.  It was inspired by the song Diving Into You by 4 Strings which played on my Ipod just minutes ago.  Though I hadn’t heard it in a while, I’ve easily heard it hundreds of times in my life and I always feel myself melt into it.  If you enjoy something upbeat that’s a fuse between dance and techno, then this might be enjoyable.  If not, it still has amazing lyrics nonetheless.  Hope you all enjoy.




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