“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

“A ship is safe at the shore, but that’s not what it was built for.”
– Einstein

Zy Marquiez
April 19, 2019

As individuals, we all have comfort zones of myriad types, just like in Poker.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright detrimental and dispiriting.

Good comfort zones would be finding comfort in a moment, a person, a place, an idea, et al.  Bad comfort zones would be things that restrict the growth of the individual.  Poker also mirrors this notion rather incisively.

As an individual, when my health declined considerably years ago, there was a certain level of comfort by being home all the time.  The predictability of it was something that I didn’t mind since it was the outside world that I couldn’t withstand at the time.  Thankfully, those circumstances changed considerably for the better.  Not that being at home didn’t offer growth as a person because those significant circumstances did give me an incredible move forward, but it was of a different type, a different path.

At the current moment though, I find myself in another circumstance where I am struggling with, though in a different sense.  I have found solace, joy, and incredible growth in writing and its something I am reveling in.  Honestly, if it wasn’t because I feel I am doing something meaningful, the notion of quitting outright wouldn’t bother me too much.  But considering that I have about a ‘bajillion’ ideas (its a word, google it), many of which are incredibly meaningful, coupled with the fact that writing has always been a dream of mine, I find it incredibly painful even to contemplate stopping.

I am a reasonable person, so I do always consider every possibility because considering every path you have available, and some you might not even know are there, is something that never hurts.  This would not be unlike seeking a treasure and not knowing where to go, where to explore.  If you only limit yourself to one path, you might find the treasure; you might find the treasure through a few paths; but if as an explorer you willingly limit yourself to only a handful of paths, rather than contemplating every single path available, then you would be doing yourself a great disservice.  These are my current sentiments at the time regarding writing as a passion.

To quit writing would be in a sense to return to a comfort zone, not a bad one per se, but something that would definitely be problematic to a certain extent, if not an incredible one.

What poker has always taught me is that no matter what the game throws at you, what life throws at you, there are usually way more paths available for every player, every person.  I am sure there is a lot that hasn’t hit me yet, things that I haven’t contemplated, and that’s okay.  Being arrogant that I have all the answers is to be close-minded and limit myself.  That said, at least I am cognizant of not having all the answers and remaining open to everything because again, limiting yourself in any way is like merely playing poker and deciding to play one hand against one person and that’s it.  That would be akin to willingly reading only one page of the book and saying, “Oh, that’s it.  Okay, guess that’s that.”

Life, like poker, offers many possibilities – many of which play out over and over again, under different circumstances, with different ‘cards’ so to speak.  Regardless of what circumstance it is, remaining patient in both poker in life will always yield amazing results if individuals ‘play their cards right’.

One of the vanguard notions in poker is how crucial it is not to remain in a comfort zone for long, or at all.  This is because if you do not grow as a player, as an individual, then the rest of the field will blow right by you at any moment given to the ceaseless and ever-evolving learning environment players find themselves in and the myriad resources available for growth.

What cards an individual decides to play, and what cards an individual decides to fold are choices individuals have to choose, but to merely play one card – the comfort card – as if there are no other options is to willingly keep your mind within a box, it is willingly curtailing the paths of the individual.

Such is not the path of growth in Poker, and will never be.

Life is no different.

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