Wings Are Made To Fly | #Poetry | #Poem | #Prose | #Quote

Weeds are made to mow,
As thoughts are meant to try.
Seeds are meant to grow
As wings are made to fly.

Zy Marquiez | The Lightning Baron

Author’s Note:

I wrote this when I wrote Wings Are Made To Fly, Seeds Are Made To Grow a few weeks back. I thought to use it as an introduction for the post, but then I changed my mind.  It’s not my usual style, and I had forgotten all about it until I was organizing my desktop just minutes ago.  Still, its simple and I enjoy it.

Also, I thought of using the word ‘things’ in place of ‘thoughts’ to use a paired rhyme schemes that I oft-employ as I originally made the poem, but to me ‘thoughts’ would be a more precise word, while things, although rhyming, is rather vague and not as incisive.

Those of you who enjoy the Dark Poetry, worry not.  There’s still a lot of that on the way.  Just wanted to share something different was all.

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Zy Marquiez

Open-Minded Skeptic, Book Reviewer, Introvert, Researcher, Writer, Creativity Connoisseur, Yoga Dilettante & Carmel Macchiato Addict.

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