Zy Marquiez
April 28, 2019

Balance is an interesting thoughtform.

Most of the time, people will say that an individual must seek balance, and that is totally understandable.  Being out of balance can often leave us gravitating to one side of the balance spectrum so much so that we risk permanently remaining there for long for myriad reasons.  But not all ‘imbalance’ is bad per se.

My contention would be, if something significantly positive is being created from the imbalance, and the imbalance is something that isn’t necessarily detrimental to the individual in a considerable sense and is reasonable, then the imbalance could spur growth, rapid progress, and the like.  Such imbalances could be spending a sizeable amount of time working (whether overtime or otherwise), spending too much time in books, spending too time with friends, or spending too much time alone, so on and so forth.  The actual ‘cost’ of each of the aforementioned ideas varies, but if the outcome is pointedly positive, then that is good.  If they are not, then they are detrimental.

Each of those instances of imbalance can cause the individual to progress considerably and the expense of it might be worth it.  That’s for each individual to decide.  My argument isn’t to argue for, or against balance.  I am merely stating that there is a positive side to both spectrums if one looks at them openly.   That said, most times an individual is imbalanced is probably bad, but that’s for each individual to decide themselves.

One of the best thoughtforms to couple with balance is water, for water is nigh always seeking balance, seeking stability.  But water isn’t always balanced.

Water, sometimes, unleashes its power when the need be arises, whatever those obstacles may be.  Sometimes that power has a positive effect, sometimes that power has a negative effect, not unlike what individuals go through.  Ascertaining which is which is paramount, because often what is inherently negative feels positive, but its net effect isn’t so.

By way of example, let’s take coffee.  For me, I often couple coffee to work, and it ‘helps’ me get things done.  But as much as I would love to say that drinking coffee is positive all the time, it isn’t, not even close.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a cup, or two.  That’s understandable, and the net effect of that isn’t too terrible.  Now, when one starts getting to 6-12 cups in a day, then there’s a serious problem. 

Yes, I am getting work done most of the time through that.  Yes, I love it.  Yes, I feel good when I drink it.  But taking all those things into consideration, is it something that really helps balance me, or no?

I would argue, if I am honest with myself, most of the time it isn’t.  Except I mask this fact with my emotions because it feels good.  It feels damn good.

In fact, coffee is probably one of my worst habits.  I feel great?  I drink coffee.  I feel tired?  Drink more coffee.  Want to get work done?  Drunk lots of coffee.  Want to catch up with a friend?  Drink coffee.  Want to spend time in solitude in my own world?  Drink coffee.  Want to work out?  Drink plenty of coffee.  Want to read a book?  Coffee.  See, there’s no instance under which I wouldn’t consider coffee. 

Considering it isn’t the problem, options are always good.  The problem is acting on it, an acting on it in an unbalanced way.  Now, there are rare times when I am steamrolling through work, reading, workouts, and that coffee helps me so much so that it is considerably advantages and incredibly net positive.  But the fact remains, most of the time it isn’t.

Just as someone cannot step in the same river twice, an individual cannot be in the same circumstance twice.  Similar, yes.  Very similar?  Sure.  Nigh carbon copy circumstance?  Maybe.  But each circumstance is never the same.  What each circumstance dictates, and how balancing actions follow that are always up for rumination, and that should be pondered at length.

Perhaps it is best to follow in the footsteps of water.  For water always follows balance or imbalance based on circumstance.  Except, for all individuals including myself, its crucial to remain cognizant that this circumstance and the imbalances that could manifest are leading towards something positive that spurs resounding growth, for it isn’t, then what’s the point?


Author’s Note:

I wrote the above because I find myself struggling with finding balance, or imbalance, when the situation dictates.  The notion seemed worthy of consideration seeing as all individuals go through struggles in life, and one could argue that balance plays a key factor in every single one of this, regardless towards what side of the spectrum it goes.


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