All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity.”
— James Fenimore Cooper

Zy Marquiez
May 6, 2019

Earlier today, I was asked, “How many versions of you are there?”  It’s a great question, so let’s explore it.

Which version reflects me best: am I the person that loves to write, or the person that loves to dance?  Am I someone who loves living life to the fullest, or the shy person that retreats within himself many a time?  Am I the person that’s written most love poems in my life while listening to Eminem songs, or am I the person that’s written most dark poems while listening to songs from Britney Spears?  Am I the person that has no tattoos, or the person that plans on getting at least 7 of them?  Am I someone who loves to have conversations, or am I someone who prefers reading a book?  Am I the person that loves to read the night away, dance the night away, or talk the night away with someone?  Am I the person that has that enjoys dance music, or classical music?  Am I a person that is mindful, or am I someone who lacks mindfulness?  Am I the book cover, or am I the book?

I am all that, and more.  Every single individual has a lot more range than most people realize.

Let’s dive deeper into this conundrum.

The question, “How many versions of you are there?” has two inherent and crucial assumptions.

First amongst these is the fact that there must only be one ‘version’ of you – that you as an individual must fit within a box.  This is the very definition of conformity.

Ask yourself this: why must there be just one version of any single individual out there?  Are individuals not boundless by nature?  Aren’t the limits individuals carry around as baggage (whether societal imposed or personally imposed) detrimental?  Why would anyone limit themselves in any way shape or form?

The second inherent assumption is the fact that you are not the book, you are the book cover.

If you are seen as a ‘book cover’ and not as a book, what would that mean?  That would mean that if someone finds you crying because something is incredibly painful, you might be labeled “Emo”.  But, is that the version of the person?  Isn’t it a little shortsighted to judge someone based on only one event, one instance?

What if the person is incredibly happy, would the same apply?  Would that happy person only ever be happy and never be sad, or depressed, or frustrated?  Of course not.

Seeing any single individual from only one color from the full spectrum is seeing them in an incredibly narrow way, no matter who it is.  In fact, it is my contention that this is the reason that people sell themselves short, because they are not expected to have a lot of range.

Individuals are simply expected to fit within societal cookie-cutter molds, and if you don’t fit into these worlds, you are (1) labeled a black sheep, (2) treated in an askance matter, (3) looked down upon, (4) made fun of, (5) ridiculed, so on and so forth.

Countless conversations with individuals have taught me that people are who they choose to beBut who they choose to be is based incredibly around how they have been taught to see themselves, whether by family, school or society.

Such is the world we live in, and individuals – every single one of us – have to be cognizant of this.

Always remember, seeing someone as merely a book cover, is missing out on them as a book; it is missing out on the full range that this individual contains.

It is in that range that we get to see individuals for who they truly are, and it is in this range where people bond the strongestbecause they get to see the deeper aspects of themselves and others in ways most never even contemplate.

And isn’t that what life is about, contemplation, bonding, meaningful relationships, and more?  How is that ever supposed to happen if people are only judged by their appearances, as a veritable book cover?

Book covers will never tell the whole story, only books can; narrow versions of individuals will never offer the full range of that person, only an individual operating in their true boundless nature can.

And that true boundless nature is You.

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