“It’s funny how complete strangers can have familiar souls.”
– J. Iron Word

Zy Marquiez
May 7, 2019

Two weeks ago I ventured to one of my favorite weekend writing places.  Admittedly, I used to go this place to just relax with friends and have a good time, and I still do, but now I mainly just go and do my own thing mostly writing and doing research while sometimes running into people I know.  I also enjoy this place a lot because the manager lets me bring my laptop in, which isn’t something some places will allow at nighttime on a weekend so I really appreciate that wholeheartedly.

When I walked in I didn’t expect this place to be too busy.  In fact, it was almost standing room only which kind of shocked me since it never gets that packed.  As such, I had to wait for my usual spot where I always end up in.  I could tell something was up given that half the people had Hawaiian shirts on.  After meeting a few people I find out that there was a wedding party with lots of people that had flown in from Chicago for the wedding.

While waiting for a drink, a seat happened to open up and I sat down on the bar.  After saying hello to the bartenders, I end up introducing myself to the man next to me while passing time.  Long story short, after getting to know each other for a bit, this man next to me, who was probably 5 years my junior, took nigh an hour and a half giving me a veritable crash course on places to venture for myriad reasons.

It didn’t matter whether it was coffee shops, restaurants, bars, or something else; he literally took the time to give me advice on dozens of places to venture too.  I told him I appreciated it greatly because (1) it’s always great finding somewhere new to go to, but more importantly (2) I’ve been searching for places to read, do research, write, etc. and it just so happens that he gave me more ideas than I could handle for weeks to come.

I mention all this because he didn’t have to do that at all.  Yet, he was incredibly (and thankfully) insistent on this.  I felt bad that we were discussing this when we could have been discussing anything else.  He wasn’t having it though; he just went on with suggestion after suggestion until we each went our ways.

I call this an ‘anonymous’ donation because he really didn’t know me, but was still willing to take well over an hour (while he was actually with friends as well) to help me find a new cubby hole.  It was really neat and I was blown away and I couldn’t thank him enough.

Friends taking the time to help you figure something out are fantastic, one of the best things friendships can offer.  But when strangers are willing to do the same?  Now that’s an emotional bank account donation if there ever were one.

When things at time might seem dismal, its instances like this that give me hope for society as a whole.  Little acts like this might not mean a lot to some, but to me personally they mean the world.

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