Zy Marquiez
April 5, 2019

Taking the first step in any journey is the most significant one. It not only begins a new proverbial path, but being that it is a new beginning, it opens up myriad possibilities.

Venturing in a new direction isn’t always easy though. Comfort, habit, and fear tend to prevent individuals from taking advantage of many opportunities.

Most would agree that, the first step in any direction is the most meaningful one. Literally, it means a brand new path that offers much growth potential, it means a new adventure that allows for a latitude of possibilities to take hold – new horizons to be had.

The curious conundrum is that, taking the first step in anything is the hardest one. But it only gets easier after that. Most people realize this, and yet, it seems this is not taken into account. Or perhaps it is. It could be something on a case by case basis.

Either way, beginning a new journey isn’t as complicated as it seem to be at first blush. Be it a new job, a new commitment, a new relationship, a new venture, the first step is where one’s life begins to change – where growth and wisdom are to be had.

One can adjust, or readjust as needed. One can follow through with the plan, or come up with a better one. If the steps are leading in the wrong direction, one can scrap that idea altogether. But what all paths have in common is that they all allow for greater growth either way. Given that, it would seem that keen individuals would have nothing to lose from such ventures.

A glass-half-full approach not only seems sensible, but the only option if one is to move anywhere forward in life. For one to step into the right direction, the very first step must be taken. For one to accomplish goals, the first step is crucial. For one to dare to dream, the first step is a must.

Not taking the first step is tantamount to giving up on specific paths – not even trying. It is living life less than half full. It is living life through a tunnel rather than a boundless landscape. It is living a facsimile of life and not life in its full breathtaking and boundless potential.

If taking that first step can lead to success, what does not taking that first step entail? Is it tantamount to failure?

If taking that first step is opening a new door, then what is not opening that door entail? Remaining in a room, all closed off?

If taking that first step writing a new chapter in a story, what is not writing that first sentence entail?

If taking that first step is living a new – better – life, what does not taking that first step mean?

And if taking that first step means beginning a whole new dream, what does not taking that first step signify?

Ponder, and ponder deeply, for life’s full of untaken steps – untaken roads. And the only way to see where they lead is venture upon it.

Where will your next first step take you?
Author’s Note:

I’ve had sitting on my desktop for a very long time, though I had it under a completely separate title and thus, never found it until last night.

Whether new business venture, blogging, writing, anything else, I’ve always had fear of taking those first steps myself, but its never as bad as it seems, or at least with the paths that I chose to follow that is.  Not that every first step is easy, but a lot of times trying doesn’t hurt things and it might just change your life.

Had I not tried Poker, and starting Businesses, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.  I do enjoy blogging because it’s allowed me to grow as a person even more.  Blogging has also helped me as a writer and researcher in ways I didn’t think it would.  I’m always trying to push myself beyond comfort, or at least considering taking steps.

No matter what steps we take as individuals, big or small, there’s always paths to be explored, and paths that will be left unexplored.  That said, that’s one of the beauties in life, the fact that there are more paths than we can try in a whole lifetime show the vast range that life encompasses and I think that’s downright amazing, especially given the time that we live in.

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