Zy Marquiez
May 21, 2019

Today I made a choice that was totally fear-based choice.  I state this because I usually try to be mindful and make love-based choices.

For clarification purposes, a fear-based choice is simply a poor quality of consciousness choice, while a love-based choice is a high quality of consciousness choice.  More importantly, choices made out of love are choices that are good not because it’s the ‘right thing to do’, but because you are acting out of goodness.  Making a choice as such means you’re doing it not because you’re expected too, but because it is who you are.

Many times people do the ‘right’ thing, but it’s not really who they are.  They only carry out such choices because that’s what society expects of them, and not really because that’s who they are at the being level, all the way down at the soul.

The reason I state that is because it bothers me that I made a fear-based choice because I try and make positive choices, no matter how big or small the choice.  It can be as simple as (1) being polite to someone, (2) saying hello to someone, (3) helping someone out, (4) giving an honest compliment, (5) being mindful of other’s needs, (6) telling someone you appreciate them, so on and so forth.

Even with all that, and the fact that I wanted to make a positive choice and was even incredibly mindful of it, I still acted out of fear.  I thought about it for quite a bit, so it’s not like this was an autopilot choice out of fear, but still.  I keep pondering about what choice I could have made that was different, but I can’t think of too many, and all were based out of fear.

The reason this is crucial is because choices based out of fear nigh ever lead to anything good, and stunt an individual’s evolution, if not make them devolve outright.   This is where people begin making one fear based choice after another after another and they begin spiraling into turmoil and so on.  I’ve seen this with a few family members so it’s something that I’ve been privy too quite often.

The opposite side of this spectrum is also true though.  Choices made out of goodness and what’s right exacerbate an individual’s evolution and growth.  And the same way consecutive negative choices compound into a snowballing avalanche of negative circumstances, consistent positive choices help an individual evolve in myriad positive ways creating a tsunami of positive change.

In any case, I share the above so that individuals may perhaps consider being cognizant whenever they make choices of various types.

Being mindful of the approach you take in life does take effort, but it’s always worth it.


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