Zy Marquiez
May 26, 2019

The last two weeks I’ve been quite busy with various things, but more specifically, the last week I’ve been dealing with one main health complication that I won’t get into, in which I had to take some meds, but thankfully that’s done today.  I’m just glad that issue was handled in time.

Because of that and a whole host of other on goings I haven’t posted as much as before, but I still intend too.  I still have a reviews and quotes to share, blogs to write, articles to mirror, and many other things to share my thoughts on.  I’ve just had to take a take-care-of-me-first approach before I go and try and take care of this blog.

I recently shared a lengthy book review, and in that book review reading suggestions were shared of books that I have read and find highly intriguing, although I haven’t had the time to fully write reviews on them.  That said, I will review every single one of those books, and continue on reviewing books of various genre as I usually do.

Anyhow, I hope you all are doing fantastic and life is treating you well.