Zy Marquiez
May 29, 2019

Poker and Life have numerous commonalities.   Some of these have already been discussed in this blog.  One salient commonality that hasn’t been discussed is the topic of Range.

Range, in Poker, deals with the latitude of hands that an opponent may have at any given moment.  At the current moment in time, Poker has advanced so much so that statistically one can narrow down the percentage of hands that an opponent plays, therefore giving you the ability to know what their Range is.  The narrower the range, the tighter the player, and the more predictable they are; the wider the range, the more loosely the player plays, and the more unpredictable they are.

The advantages of a wider range are (1) the unpredictability of the opponent, (2) the more interesting the game plays out because you don’t know what those type of poker players will have, and (3) the higher the profit margin that takes place on a per-hand basis because players will often put you on a hand that’s not the exact one that they thought you had.  Life also offers a place where having a wide range would be advantageous, and this is though conversations and kinship.

Where poker has unpredictability in its very nature, life can become quite predictable in certain circumstances – the monotony of work, the rat race, and so on.  One thing that is often unpredictable is the latitude with which conversations can take place, which is why they can feature wide ranges.

Just as poker becomes a more interesting (and fun) game while playing (or seeing) people with incredibly wide ranges, life also becomes intriguing in the way subject matter is discussed of countless types.  The wider the subject matter, the higher that likelihood a conversation can proceed unimpeded if both individuals just happen to have free time to enjoy it.

I mention the above because today I got in a conversation that lasted many hours with a family member that just moved here, and it was one of those conversations that was highly refreshing – employing an incredible range of subjects – for many reasons.

Although my recollection of the subjects is a bit hazy at spots, I’ll attempt to cover most trenchant subjects.  He first talked to me about God (because he was listening to a MP3 about the topic), Politics, Space, Transhumanism, Media, the Constitution, Life, Finance, broad and narrow point of views, and more.  It was the type of conversation that’s hard to have unless you know someone is either open-minded, or has the similar outlooks then you.

Within every day conversations, range can also be advantageous because it allows for wider type of small talks, different type of humor that allows people to have fun and/or relax, a wider scope of the type of meaningful conversations one can have, a quicker bonding of individuals and the stronger the relationships that develop due to that.

It’s great to have that boundless interaction with an individual whether you speak to them once or a lot.  Genuine kinship is one of life’s gifts and it often does not get the credit it deserves.

Yesterday in fact, I spent many hours talking to someone about her significant other and paranormal topics.  Just two topics, but it was incredibly interesting, particularly the paranormal part (chakras, physiological feelings, extra-sensory perception, etc.) because that’s definitely something nigh nobody ever talks about, so I found it quite invigorating.

In any case, the one thing that got me incredibly gloomy is the fact that this family member has cancer.  Whereas my Mom had the ability to beat cancer again since it had not spread, this family member has stage 3 cancer and there’s nothing that they can do about it since its spread all over their body.  That subject was broached and it definitely wasn’t pleasant due to the ramifications of it, but it’s something that I appreciate for many reasons.

It’s conversations like this that really put things into perspective and really bring meaning to life.  That’s why I repeatedly talk about living life to the fullest, for conversations and honest kinship between individuals is one of the ways that relationships cement themselves and grow therein.

One crucial point though, I’m not implying in any way shape or form people need to talk about a million topics to get meaning from life, I’m only giving my own perspective on the matter.  What people draw meaning from is incredibly subjective, and expecting everyone to take a one-size-fits-all approach is the very definition of conformity, and it is antithetical to what this blog is about.  I only mention range because it allows for flexibility in human interaction, it allows for options to be had at any moment, not unlike being able to draw from a wide range of poker hands when being at the poker tables.

That’s where Life will always outshine Poker, for no matter how much range, fun, or money you can make on the poker tables, nothing beats how much meaning you can get from being with people and how downright life changing that can be.

Those moments are just priceless.


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