Zy Marquiez
June 10, 2019

Life is fascinating in innumerable ways.

Sometimes, you have certain goals, and everything you try to do to carry out those goals seems to work against you.  Other times, you seem to care not for those goals, and somehow someway everything flows into place like water settling down from a river into an ocean becoming part of something more.

This last week or so, I’ve been deep in thought considering many things in life.  Some thoughts are in respect to personal goals, some are passion projects, some of it regards health, so on and so forth.  Irrespective of that however, I find myself venturing in a thousand directions unable to pick and choose whether to continue tackling things on an instinctual level, or whether to take a laser-like focus approached into a particular goal or project.  Time will tell on that front.

With that in mind, one of the projects that is officially complete, although it has been for nigh two weeks, is the book A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities which was published on May 29th.

The poetry book A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities is incredibly significant to me for countless reasons, not the least of which is because this book is in essence an overarching view into many of the struggles I have personally faced, or have seen others face, along with many other noteworthy issues.  Also, unlike most other poetry books which feature only poems, this one features personal notations through and through of varying length as insights or personal notes.  These can be as short as a couple of lines, or as extensive as a few paragraphs.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and might do something similar in the future.

Most of the poems featured in the book have been shared on many social media platforms, whether it was on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., as well as quite a few websites as well.  Some of these poems go back to what was written when I was a teenager, up until early this year.

While most poets that I’ve seen usually wait until their best work is published to start off, I thought I would take a different approach.  I don’t want people only to see ‘the finished product’ of what my writing entails as I wait for more polished pieces.  If that is what you seek, I would suggest waiting for Halcyon Days, or another other book thereafter.

What I want everyone to keep in mind with this particular book, including myself, is how my writing has grown over time, so I can go back and reflect on that.  I simply want people to read that and say, “Hey, I can’ do that too!”  This type of can-do mindset is much easier to impart into others when they see your ‘skill’ in its most basic form, from the ground up.  I say ‘skill’ loosely, for I am only an amateur writer, but no other words come to mind that seem to fit.

Many times, in life, society as a whole sees the finished product of someone.  They see the movie star, the athlete, the Olympian, et al., in their latest form.  What people don’t see is where they came from, how they started, how they struggled and so on.  Autobiographies cover this to a great extent, but that is usually after individuals have considerable experience in particular field, which does a great disservice to people who want to learn from others to the utmost degree.

Excerpt from A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities.

That said, some of the topics featured within the book that can help with an individual’s growth include love, pain, suffering, fear, abuse, mistakes,  addictions, life lessons, mistakes in poker that translate to life, and much more.  Almost none of the notations in A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities delve into incredible depth unless absolutely necessary (as can be seen above), given that this is primarily a poetry book, but the insights that are there are included for those seeking deeper rumination of such a full spectrum of subjects.  A handful of the notations really seep into more mindful depths, but in the full totality, there’s a little bit of everything [1].

In other words, the notations in this poetry book, which encompass nearly 3/4th of the substance of the book, are just as important, if not more important than the poems themselves.  This is because the insights that may be drawn from these for me personally, or for others as well, are just as important as the finished product, those being the poems, which is exactly what I was getting at earlier.

Either way, this information is shared so it can serve as a baseline for some of my future works, so I can see, and others as well, where I have come from so others can take a “Can Do” attitude from it if at all possible.

No matter where you are from, what you have gone through, what goals you have or what you wish to ultimately get in life, you always have options, there is always a choice.  These choices encompass the full breadth and scope, the veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities that life offers every single day.

These possibilities that exist every single day, and the choices that may stem from them, are what life is all about.  Good choices, bad choices, it matters not, for individuals will always have choices, whether to start something great, or rectify past mistakes.  What matters most is that we DO have a choice to live a better life, a more meaningful life, a life of possibilities.

That’s what A Kaleidoscope Of Possibilities is all about; it is about gazing into the abyss of life, sifting through the deeper levels of your being and life itself for the significance of every single choice you make, no matter how big or small, and how that couples directly into the lifestream.

You, the individual, are a microcosm of that lifestream, and ultimately significant component of life itself.  And as you make your choices on your path, life itself changes accordingly, your life, as well as those of others, contributing to the larger tapestry of wonder that the world holds.

This tapestry, this timeless art piece called life, is intimately woven within you.  Don’t ever underestimate the power in your ability within this grand tapestry. 

But to contribute to this grand tapestry, your grand tapestry, choices have to be made.  These choices start with you. 

You – The Individual – are the key to the kaleidoscope of possibilities, and will always be.


Author’s Note:

[1] While that notation might seem obvious at first blush, and even simplistic, much of the advice in self-help books can be seen just as such, and still manages to help millions of people.  Given that, one should never underestimate the power that an insight, not matter how seemingly ‘obvious’ it is, can do to help others on their path.


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