Zy Marquiez
June 17, 2019

It’s been a while since I have written anything under the ‘Emotional Bank Account’ moniker, but today something rather significant took place.

Without going into details, I read the equivalent of someone’s thoughts in a way that really hit home.  Although what was written was incredibly significant, what I want to focus on here is the actual act behind it, which is just as so.

When an individual puts their heart into writing a piece, as a reader, you can really feel it; this act resonates to a great degree.  It doesn’t matter what it is, passion and emotion are incredibly easy to gravitate too, no matter what form of media, not unlike a moth gravitating to a flame.

As an individual, self expression in general is incredibly crucial for countless reasons, not the least of which is intellectual and emotional freedom.  But on a deeper level, self expression of someone’s deepest and most closely guarded emotions can be quite cathartic, as I discussed with the person that penned this piece.  There’s more than that though.

When an individual writes something, or expresses their emotions to be precise, no matter the medium used, especially where they in fact are putting themselves in an incredibly vulnerable position, it creates a deeper resonance still since such actions hit closets to home.

Haven’t you ever seen a piece of art, and been so incredibly overwhelmed with it, that it makes you ponder life at levels you hitherto considered? Haven’t you ever seen a romantic movie, and viewed a particular scene, such as the ending of the Notebook for instance, and just had your heart just absolutely let loose in a tornado of emotions that you couldn’t control given the power and gravity of the scene? Haven’t you ever read a love letter, whether it was addressed to you or not, and whether fictional or not, and still identified with it so much that you were overwhelmed with emotion in ways you never thought possible?  Such is the power of an individual expression, and it’s one of the clearest windows someone’s soul.

The kinship that the act of self expression can foster in another person is one of the greatest instances individuals can experience, and such is the power than one individual can have with another, or with the entire world.

Don’t ever be afraid to express yourself with the world, whether emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, creatively, or any other way you see as important.

When it comes to really matters in life, there’s nothing more important than that which comes from the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

Author’s Note:

My apologies for not posting regularly, I have just had a lot going on in many fronts.  I have been writing non-stop, I just haven’t been feeling like posting things just yet, although I had started working on a lot of things and have a few ideas that are in in their final-draft versions; I just simply haven’t had the emotional drive to push through in all honesty at the current moment.  Hope you guys are all doing great.

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