Zy Marquiez
July 12, 2019

This post is about a fundraiser taking place being run by my friend Jabbai.

Hussien Jabbai, who I’ve now known for about 9 months or so after having the fortuitous circumstances of meeting him at the gym synchronistically through another friend, is CEO and Owner of Jabai Performance and a close friend of mine as well.

With Jabai Performance, he focuses on Personal Training, and is also the Founder of the Fire Fighter Training Systems (FTTS Project), which aids in Injury Prevention for First Responders.

Now, the fundraiser he is running below, has the vision of becoming the platform for something much larger in scope, which deals with the creation of a wellness program for first responders.

If you wish to look into it, please check out his Firefighter Training Systems blog, or the Facebook link.