A Timeless Foray Into Time Management For Every Day Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
– Confucius

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Zy Marquiez
February 3, 2020

Getting Things Done by David Allen is a no-nonsense, pragmatic, thorough and easy-to-follow foray into the realm of productivity.

This book is practical in that anyone from a CEO to a house-wife is able to implement its tenets, and reasonable in that it doesn’t require much complexity in its implementation and application.

Getting Things Done (GTD) as a concept is not a system, but a systematic approach into streamlining an individual’s organizational process.

Moreover, GTD streamlines an individual’s organizational capabilities by optimizing different (common sense) ideas that may be carried out by individuals to facilitate their lives at many levels. And speaking from experience in having applied the suggestions of this book for nigh three years now, each of these ideas when applied correctly and consistently allow individuals the capability to handle much more in life by removing all the mental and physical clutter that modern life contains. Following the suggestions within this book is not only simple, but practical.

One excellent example of the book’s simplest and most effective suggestion is what is called the “2-minute-rule”. In plainspeak, anything you can do in under 2 minutes should be done and not be left for a later time. Under such a sound mindset and given its simplicity, there’s simply no excuse to let clutter accrue whatsoever. Yet, most of us have myriad to-do’s that which take place due to lack of mindfulness.

In fact, even though I apply this tenet on a daily basis, I always find myself forgetting to apply it just a little bit more. But whenever I do apply the tenets the book offers, my desk, office area, along with my work bag end up being very streamlined and clutter-free.

Beyond that, the book also contains a generous number of quotes that help drive points home from a variety of angles. These bring a fresh change to what could sometimes be a repetitive and verbose book.

Even so, with society’s addiction to materialism and all-things-speed, coupled with the rise of various media and technologies that allow for more and more time to be siphoned out of an individual’s schedule, Getting Things Done is a breath of fresh air in what would otherwise be a rather asphyxiating and overbearing environment that is modern life.

Because of that, the book is not merely something to ruminate upon, but something to take to heart. Every single person would benefit from its tenets.  In fact, even children can be taught the “2-minute-rule”.  The book’s ideas aren’t complicated at all, they merely require effort to bring about – the proverbial first step to get things going.

Simply stated, if you want to implement a robust, easy-to-follow and systematic and mindful approach of organization into your repertoire, this book is vital and should not be overlooked. One could go as far as saying it should be part of every company’s curriculum, or an individual’s education in general given the numerous benefits it entails which couple into every other aspect of life.

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