Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
November 13, 2019

As you’ve probably noticed, Amair’kuhn edgykayshun is back in the news again, and hence, once again front and center for my “rants” about its deplorable state. And it’s deplorable not because Darth Hillary’s deplorables are in charge of it, but rather because truly deplorable people are in charge of it, people like… oh…. uhm…. dare I say her name? This time, however, I’m almost at a loss of words to compose my rant.

Rather, it is perhaps best if the reader envision me as sputtering, fuming, foaming at the mouth, with little clouds of steam coming from my ears. Both of these articles were passed along by V.T., and they’re stunners:

Columbia professor who fled communism resigns, says university is becoming communist

And then there’s this:

Austin ISD approves new sex ed curriculum

When I read those two articles, I had to ask myself what specifically it was that united them, beyond the usual lunacy one has come to expect from Amair’kuhn schools. And I suspect that the clue is this short paragraph from the second article:

Matt Shead is part of the group’s executive team and believes the proposed curriculum creates an inclusive environment and informs students on what to expect.

“I think it’s really important that our sex-ed curriculum talks about the biology of our body parts, what’s coming down the line when we hit puberty, healthy communication and outline what a healthy relationship looks like,” he said.

Shead said these conversations are already taking place in his household and would like for everyone to be on the same page. (Emphasis added)

And behold, the comforting Amair’kuhn euphemism – “being on the same page” – that has become the “nice”-sounding shorthand for “you must adopt our language and linguistic agenda, and hence our perverted values, in order to be ‘on the same page.'” It’s all part of that peculiarly Amair’kuhn version of collectivism called “being a team player.” And that’s the rub, for as now-resigned Professor Serban points out, that page is an entirely different and Marxist page from the vast majority of Americans.

In short, in the case of Austin, it’s not only an assault on free speech, but an assault on the right to free assembly and association with those with whom we wish to associate, and I strongly suspect that there are those in Austin who do not want their children to be associating with those whose behavior and agenda do not represent their own familial traditions of virtue. The last  time I checked, school districts were not exempt from those constitutional rights.

So what’s to be done? As I blogged yesterday in an entirely different context, there are usually only two choices in the case of co-opted institutions: make a clean break (as Professor Serban has done), or attempt to “drain the swamp” and reclaim the institution. For my part, I’ve long suspected that the swamp of Amair’kuhn edgykayshun is beyond draining or reclaiming, and that the clean break with it was the only way to go. Protests and so on have availed us nothing, because the ruling classes – in this case, the edubabblegarchy – are simply not listening nor are they capable of listening or compromise. And on matters such as teaching pre-pubescents about anal sex and condoms, is compromise really desirable? These, I’ll venture, are things most of us would say are choices for adults to make, and for parents to inform their kids about, as they choose; they are not things for school districts to shove on everyone else, much less pre-pubescents. So again, is “discussion” or “compromise” here really desirable? Is there, or even must there, always be a “bi-partisan” solution? What would “compromise” here look like? Only putting the condom on the cucumber “half-way”?

Perhaps, but perhaps the time has also come for so many lawsuits against teachers unions and local school boards for unconstitutionality, that the sheer load of litigation drains the eduswamp of its capital. That might work, but I doubt it, because they’ll continue to talk about “inclusiveness” and all sorts of nice-sounding things, while subverting the very process of education itself. In short, protesting doesn’t seem to be working too well for us deplorables, but there is of course the recent example of California moms storming the state regurgitature in Scarymental, and shutting it down because of similar “curricula” being proposed there.

As for Professor Serban, he’s not alone. Many years ago I met a Russian family that had come to this country in the declining days of the Soviet Union. This was in the early 1990s. They were appalled, then, at the state of edgykayshun in this country, and scrapped and saved to place their children into a private school. A couple of years later, after the fall of the Soviet Union, they informed me they were moving back to Russia. “Why?” I asked. The answer was chilling, and it was because they saw America moving in the direction that Russia had just gone through and come out of. They preferred the uncertainties of a post-Communist future in Russia, to the galloping nonsense and “inclusiveness” of the American future.

I didn’t blame them then, and don’t know, for their fears have become openly manifest.

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