Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
February 26, 2020

You may or may not have heard, but there’s another one of those strange UFO videos that’s been circulating recently, taken from the International Space Station. The video, while not as “exciting” as that video taken from the space shuttle Discovery many years ago (STS 48), is nonetheless just about as provocative, for several reasons that we’ll get back to. Here’s the video and a short accompanying article from Zero Hedge, courtesy of E.G. (and many others, to whom a big thank you for sharing it):

Did ISS Live-Feed Accidentally Capture “Top Secret” Hypersonic Vehicle Test?

There are a number of things to note about this video:

1) For the first few minutes, as what is clearly a mechanical object or machine of some sort is clearly in view – say, for the first five minutes or so – there is “normal chatter” between the ground and the crew. One can hear a lady with a foreign accent – presumably Russian – speaking to the crew, and softly in the background, one can hear a male voice speaking in Russian. Neither the crew nor the ground say anything about the object, but it is clear that someone either in the space station crew or on the ground see the object, for the camera resets to keep it in view several times during the twenty-plus minutes of the video;

2) Then, all conversation stops, and no voices are heard again for the rest of the video. In this, there’s an interesting parallel to the STS 48 UFO video, where “ordinary mundane conversation” is overheard while various unidentified objects perform intricate maneuvers in front of the camera, before all conversation stops for several minutes. One can easily believe that in both cases, conversation continued, but on secure channels;

3) The object in this most recent video performs no intricate or UFO-like maneuvers. Instead, it appears to be “pacing” the International Space Station for the bulk of the video in plain view against a backdrop of clouds (which we’ll get to in a moment);

4) While appearing to pace the ISS, the object also slowly rises until, toward the end of the video, it rises above the atmosphere, accelerating rapidly, but again, not in a “UFO-like” fashion;

5) As the object accelerates through the outer atmosphere and then above it, its original dark gray metallic appearance changes to a bright yellow, and a very faint “trail” – rather like heat from an exhaust or rocket can be seen, but once out of the atmosphere, this trail takes on its one very visible color of an emerald green.

For me, however, strange as all this was, there was one more thing that I noticed, but before we get to that, much of the chatter and interpretation of this event seems to be leaning to secret human technology, and specifically, to “space plains” allegedly being operated and tested by DARPA. I’ll admit, that what I saw certainly has “human black projects” written all over it. Twenty-one trillion missing dollars can buy a lot of black projects. But like some interpreters of the STS 48 video, I think “Someone X”  very definitely wanted us (or “Someone Y”) to see this “thing”, whatever it was. For over twenty minutes it’s in full view, not maneuvering, but just parked there as if to say “Hey! Over here! Look at me!” which whomever is controlling the camera is all to ready to oblige. The conversation is all to reminiscent of the STS 48 conversation: lots of mundane “talk” about ice crystals (in STS 48’s case) or “filters” (in this case), while outside, something extraordinary is going on.

But as I said, the thing that I thought was the most strange about this video was not the object itself, but

6) the backdrop of clouds against which it was seen.

Clouds are everywhere, and as the video proceeds, they get much thicker. Indeed, one hunts around during the twenty-two minutes of the video to see a rare glimpse of ordinary clouds, or land, and what land that is seen is seen through a misty haze of more clouds. As the video proceeds, the clouds get more peculiar. Far below one sees the white puffs of ordinary cumulus clouds. But higher up, almost everywhere as the video proceeds, there is a haze of ugly gray mist. If one did not know better, one might think one was looking at some sort of brackish gray ocean. I’m certainly no “cloud expert”, but these things don’t look like any kind of high altitude cirrus cloud I’ve ever seen because unlike cirrus clouds they appear to be thick, and by the end of the video, they’re nearly everywhere. The view of Earth is completely obscured.

So here’s my high octane speculation: I have to wonder, given that this “object”- when it finally lifts far above the international space station, seems to leave a “trail” of some sort -if in fact we might have caught a glimpse of an “extremely high altitude” chemtrail spraying platform…

…because I don’t know about you, but those murky thick gray clouds in the video look mighty peculiar to me.

In fact, while we’re at the end of the twig, why not point out that white clouds below the gray clouds – especially since the latter are so wide spread – seems to pose a “lighting problem”: shouldn’t the gray clouds show higher albedo, and the cumulus clouds be more in shadow? Might we be looking at a fake? I don’t happen to think so(at least, not at the moment and not without a much closer and more time-consuming look), but the possibility should be mentioned.

I don’t know. Any way one slices it, this is one very peculiar video…

See you on the flip side…

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