“To suppress free speech is a double wrong.  It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.”
– Frederick Douglass

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it…. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Zy Marquiez
March 1, 2020

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost access to your favorite and most important website(s) that provide you with actionable information?  Though I truly knew this was distinct possibility, I had not wondered at length and I came face to face with this issue when Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari.com website was outright blocked by my Internet Service Provider Sudden Link here in North Texas just recently, and I lost complete access to this website permanently.  It was a very sobering day, and it set off a series of personal choices in my life that continue to reverberate today.

The way access to the Solari.com website came about was through Censorship, which is one of the tools for information control by corporations and the establishment.   Censorship is when an individual, an institution, a government, a corporation or any other entity suppresses sensitive information due to the insights that it provides.  This type of censorship can come about in overt ways such as the instance in which my former Internet Service Provider Sudden Link took it upon themselves to censor Solari.com just weeks ago, or censorship can come about in subtle ways that you might not even know are happening, such as how WordPress is censoring my Original Content.

I do not believe either is coincidence, and the main commonality between these examples of censorship is that the information being suppressed seeks to empower individuals because the information is actionable.  The information provided at Solari seeks to empower individuals on health, finance, geopolitics and more, while the information provided on this website seeks to show individuals many tools for self directed learning, as well as urge individuals to take a gander at a kaleidoscope of crucial subjects not discussed by the mainstream media and even most of the alternative media at times.

Throughout history, when censorship increases whether it is via the burning of books or otherwise, it indicates a much more substantial attempt to block that information from ever getting to the public consciousness.  And this takes place because the information being censored has power, for if it did not it would not be censored in the first place.  That is a notable point that should never be underestimated.  This is the vanguard reason comptrollers seek to maintain the populace ignorant, as individuals who know something is inherently wrong are liable to create positive change (that can create resonance) not only in their lives but that of others, and those running the show (a.k.a. The Powers That (Shouldn’t) Be, Mr. Global, Etc.) seek to prevent positive change from taking place at any cost.

The pernicious issue of censorship is reminiscent of the timeless adage by George Farquhar:

“Those who know the least obey the best.”

Censorship seeks to prevent acquisition of knowledge because what you don’t know about, you cannot change.  And how are you, as an individual, supposed to become the best version of yourself if you do not know what is taking place in the world, and are unable to navigate to the best of your capacity due to censorship taking place?  Likewise, how can you become the best version of yourself if you do not have access to the tools that are available for you to better yourself, and perhaps even help others on their journeys?

Simply stated, the powers that be do not want you to educate yourself about anything tangible, they want you to be schooled, and the distinction is crucial because public schooling and education are not the same thing as the late John Taylor Gatto has taught us.

Bottom line: censorship of crucial information that is actionable is a power play that seeks to prevent change from happening, significant changeThis is because as history shows us, when key information makes it into the right hands it can begin creating resounding change, change at the grassroots level that can create such a groundswell that has the power to quake all the way up to the top of the pyramid.

This type of change has the capacity to create resonant effects: such as having the power to halt a hearing on vaccinations, because protesters pulled an all-nighter in protest against vaccinations, or even create such a large dent in a multi-national corporation such as Monsanto who lost billions due to Anti-Monsanto campaigns that pointed out the corporate giant’s reckless repertoire, to such a searing extent that they had to be acquired by Big Biotech giant and former Nazi WWII company Bayer, which has already had to contend with the acquisition of the toxic corporate giant Monsanto.

Beyond that, there is additional actionable information that has the capacity to create enormous change, and this is knowledge of the missing Trillions that Catherine Austin Fitts has talked about for well over a decade.

For quite a long time now, Fitts has talked about there being trillions of dollars missing from the government.  Seeking to prove her wrong, Dr. Mark Skidmore and his grad students went to work in a sound and logical manner to see if her assertion was incorrect, given the peculiar claim by Fitts.  To his surprise, this claim was not outlandish at all, but objectively provable.  Skidmore was able to corroborate that there was in fact Trillions missing from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $21 Trillion in fact.  To read about the missing Trillions, please click here to access http://MissingMoney.Solari.com to access the resource that Solari has created for those wishing to delve deeper into this crucial subject.

The missing Trillions is an issue that affects everyone because that’s money siphoned from the people of the United States, and is money that Fitts has argued can be used to create positive change.  Moreover, the missing $21 Trillion is money that can unite people on a common front, as Fitts has stated often in her member podcasts and other interviews she’s carried out elsewhere.

Despite that, individuals cannot wait until information is completely censored before they begin to act.   By then, whatever information was available might have been completely suppressed, distorted beyond recognition, white washed, or worse, used as a method of control, propaganda, or social engineering.

Due to all those considerations and many others, I lost faith in the mainstream establishment a long time ago, and so have many others as well.  It’s not without reason, given that the unilateral control of the mainstream has become ridiculously obvious at times, though most often it isn’t always so.  Doing so would be akin to the comptrollers handing the people millions of red pills.  I hope nobody really thinks the comptrollers are going to do that.

This is why I contend that it is critical to not only share quality information by other websites and authors that are attempting to stoke the embers of change, but also mirror that information as well.  Sharing content allows others to see the information that they might not have otherwise seen, while Mirroring content allows for another gateway for information to be accessed that was otherwise not available had it not been implemented.  More incisively, Mirroring information is a roundabout way to skirt censorship which we will all have to contend with in the future.

As censorship rises it will be downright crucial for individuals to have work-arounds to access actionable information in any way, shape and form.  It will be vital to not only mirror tangible information, but also save it both digitally and as hard copies, while also backing up that information as much as possible, always making sure to credit the authors and website in the process.

Individuals must never take that ability for granted as one day the ability to access that information, yet alone save it, might not be there.  I was lucky because I was able to quit using Sudden Link as an Internet Service Provider and find a new ISP here in Texas.  But that opportunity might not always be there, and I truly believe it’s only a matter of time.  I do not mean to fearmonger, but this is an issue that’s not coming, censorship is already taking place, as Sudden Link already blocked Solari.com from being accessed, and they’re not the only ISP doing it either.

Individuals must keep in mind, it is much easier to act before more permanent walls of censorship are enacted, than after.  And even if such censorship isn’t ironclad, it’s still going to be incredibly time consuming to work around it and also figure out what falls under the rubric of actual actionable information, or what might fall under general news, disinformation, propaganda and so on.

This is why I will always continue to share, mirror and save information that’s crucial and I urge you all to do so as well, or at least do whatever is best to your capacity.  What’s more, these actions show respect for the subject matter, the author, and history, all the while showing concern for the future simultaneously.  This is important because the world is already living in an era where respect for history is abysmal at best.  This is unfortunate, because one of the vanguard reasons history repeats itself is because people do not know it in the first place, thus allowing those who have been in power to remain in power, and I’m talking about the deep state and the true power centers of the world, and not the figureheads that we see paraded through the mainstream media and establishment.

Now, this is where the rubber hits the road: what happens when the day comes that you can’t access your favorite and most reliable websites anymore?  What happens then?

In a world where censorship is rampant, in a world full of lies, disinformation, misinformation and more, who do you trust?  That’s a very serious question.

Think about that question long and hard, because I was lucky in gaining access to the Solari.com website once more.  But what if no other ISP allowed me too, what then?  No, REALLY, what then?  Where would I get the information?  Could I even get the information, could I ever access that website again?  And worse, if they censor that website and the accompanying subject matter, why not other websites and subjects as well?

Censorship knows no bounds, and I have a really bad feeling that we’re ALL going to be dealing with this issue sooner than we realize.  Some of us are already dealing with versions of it, but when censorship goes unabated, sooner or later you’ll end up facing it head on whether you like it or not, and hopefully you’re not caught without knowing who to trust, where to go for information, or who to ask for help.

If you think things are confusing NOW while trying to figure out what’s going on (think about the Corona virus) wait until you see a world in which you can’t access certain websites and everything that isn’t censored only comes from the mainstream media and select alternative media websites.

And in a world where censorship is ever-present; trust, loyalty, and the honest virtues that individuals possess will be crucial considerations in forging the relationships that are not only healthy, but are going to be needed in an era where careful discernment will be needed to navigate the world on a daily basis.

But, I don’t want to live in such a world, and I hope you don’t either.  If you don’t, find out what information you truly value and truly find important.  Share it, mirror it, save it, back it up, rinse and repeat.  You have to be relentless about it.  That’s why I myself have shared, mirrored, backed up and even printed out hundreds of articles from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s GizaDeathStar.com, Jon Rappoport’s website NoMoreFakeNews.com, and countless others from other websites such as Sayer Ji’s GreenMedInfo.com, Catherin Austin Fitts’ Solari.com, because that information is important now, and I believe will be even more important in the future if some of these websites (and others) ever get blocked.  Just as all of those websites have helped me make sense of the world, I know the information provided there has helped others as well, and will continue to do so into the far future.

I wholeheartedly implore you all to ponder that because one day you might not have access to the information on your favorite website.

Ultimately, corporations are already seeking to control your exposure to actionable information without any oversight, and that is not going to stop unless they get enough pressure to stop, which is why I voted with my dollars.  Predictably, over a dozen CSR agents were employed to try and get me to stop, but I wasn’t having it.  My choice was made, as all those that pulled away from Monsanto once they realized the corporate monstrosity that it was, as well as everyone else who quits funding the malevolent mechanisms that do nothing but siphon your hard work, precious time and energy simply to pad corporate profit margins.

Whatever happens, the world of tomorrow is paved by the actions taken today; these actions can empower you or disempower you; these actions can maintain the status quo, or they can create positive change that is resounding; these actions can lead to growth, or these actions can lead to decay, but all of these actions have inherent power nonetheless.

What are you going to do with your power?

About The Author:

Zy Marquiez is author of Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All, and also an avid book reviewer, poet, inquirer, an open-minded skeptic, health freedom advocate, and writer who aims at empowering individuals in many ways, while also delving deeper and regularly mirroring subjects like Consciousness, Education, Creativity, Individuality, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more.

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