Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
March 5, 2020

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’re in a “culture” (if one can call it that) where normal institutions and virtuous behaviors are not only being tossed aside with reckless abandon, they’re being murdered like babies in the womb, with the organs of whatever is left of the culture to be harvested and grafted into whatever new chimerical trendy thing that comes along, which is being done “because we can do it”. Don’t like the sex you (or your child) was born with? Change it; just a little surgery and some hormone treatments, or, for the truly illumined cognoscentus, simply alter a pronoun’s gender; after all, gender and sex are the same thing, aren’t they?

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m in a grand funk, and in this case, what prompts my grand funk is the following article shared by G.A.C.:

Pressure to have multiple babies putting surrogates ‘at risk

Surrogacy, as the article points out, is already a big “business”, but there’s a dark hint of “more to come”:

The Halifax nurse filled out an online application for one of the biggest surrogacy agencies in the country, and within days, her profile was live.

“I didn’t quite understand what I was sinking my teeth into. I just knew that I wanted to help people,” Roberts said.

In the years since, Roberts has been a surrogate twice. And while her pregnancies have been relatively uneventful, she is now preparing for a hysterectomy, which she believes is because of her back-to-back pregnancies.

Dr. John Kingdom, a high-risk obstetrician at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and professor at the University of Toronto, said it’s possible that Roberts’s complications could have been caused by having pregnancies in quick succession.

But he’s even more concerned that Canada does not have mandatory wait times for surrogacies. He said that leaves women like Roberts vulnerable to manipulation.

“I think we should recognize that surrogates are altruistic, kind people who are at risk of power imbalances,” Kingdom said.

During CBC’s three-month investigation into surrogacy, multiple women said their agency sent them new, heart-wrenching parent profiles within days of giving birth. Some of the women said they felt “hounded” to commit to a new couple right away.

The demand for surrogates in Canada far outweighs the number of women willing to carry a baby for someone else, which can cause women to feel pressured to commit to subsequent pregnancies. And there’s a financial imperative for the agency — every couple the company connects to a surrogate represents thousands of dollars of revenue from consulting fees. (Emphasis added)

And this attitude is what is public; imagine the horrors of what we’ve all heard concerning those human trafficking networks, where women are forcibly abducted from their homes in Southeast Asia, or wherever, and literally turned into baby-making slaves, to churn out children for parent want-to-be’s, or worse, to produce babies to be slaughtered for organ harvesting, stem cell research, or a host of other modern (that is to say, barbaric) rationalizations. Babies ripped from their arms, causing who knows what kind of deep emotional trauma and sorrow, or, in the case of the surrogate mentioned in the article, a hysterectomy, possibly as a result of some unknown effect of her surrogacies.

But it’s those last lines from the article, cited above, that disturb me even more, for they hint of even more to come…

…for sooner or later (and probably more sooner than later), one can expect the inevitable to occur as what is today a “consulting” business becomes magnified to an industrial scale, and those now hidden networks are taken “public” through a variety of “clever marketing schemes”. It does not take much imagination to see how those schemes might be accomplished; for example, companies might be formed to offer to relieve monstrous student debt if only one will volunteer to be a surrogate, carrying x number of babies to term for whatever purpose in return for paid-off student loans; mortgage reduction offers will be made for donors of human eggs or sperm for specialized experiments, and so on.  The whole trafficking network could be “legitimized” by promises of a “new life in America” complete with visa entry papers for “consultation” which can be issued in return for x number of babies delivered through surrogacy. One can even imagine scientism and “progressivism” and “ethics committees” from quackademia combining forces, requesting surrogates for children to be raised by someone else to study the long-term social effects both on surrogate mother, parents, and child, and so on, and grants from the big corporate foundations of billionaire busybodies to fund it all, with the blessing of Pope Bergolio and other trendy clergy.

And here’s the really sad thing: I’m outraged by all this, and possibly you are too. But the problem is, there’s not enough outrage. There are people who would think all of the above developments are a good thing, are “progress.” Even sadder is the fact that if you and I can imagine this “industrial scale surrogacy,” rest assured the technocratic monsters comprising the advisory council to Mr. Globaloney’s “population councils” have too.

See you on the flip side…

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