Zy Marquiez
March 16, 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

The purpose of this update is for the individuals who I know locally, or live locally, to know what’s going on in Northern Texas, or at least the places that I’ve been too or heard of.

Today, it was reported by Dallas Morning news that Collin County issued a coronavirus disaster declaration.  This will affect at least Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Plano at least.  Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other cities affected as well.

Please keep in mind, I am not sharing the information to further incite panic but to (1) help individuals know what the situation in certain stores is locally, (2) to help individuals be able to save time by not going somewhere that has been picked clean, (3) which leads to individuals being able to use their time as efficiently as possible just in case another round of panic buying takes place, which would be a logical inference of what will take place given human nature and what happened last week.  For example, I know some friends who have driven, or stood in line a couple of hours, to find out that the store didn’t have what they needed.  Moreover, (4) there are safety considerations I want people to be aware of, which will be discussed in a bit.

My concern with the announcement is that a second wave of panic buying will take place, with it being larger than before.  It seemed to be heading in that direction in some stores in the early afternoon, though I cannot guarantee that.  I just don’t see how people panic locally learning about they learned about last week, but don’t panic after hearing what was reported today.

The places that I went to were as follows:

Kroger on 380 and McKinney had essentials picked clean, and also had two sketchy young men (young 20s?) that just gave me bad vibes.  One didn’t work there, one did.  (Or maybe both did, but only one had a work uniform and was working, but they clearly seemed to know each other).  The guy that didn’t work there tailed at least 2 women, and then just walked by them like no big deal even though he had no cart the whole time and just walked around the store nonstop.   If you shop at that location, just be weary of that.

The Wal-Mart in McKinney and 380 (Redbud Ln.) had been picked clean of essentials for quite some time, and they can’t keep anything in stock.  Still some things here or there, but things looked rather barren.  There were 2 older men that weren’t tailing people, but they were walking around “randomly” with no cart.  Not as sketchy as the first young man I mentioned, but I just don’t see how people walk around with no carts while other people are shopping like they might not get any supplies next week.  The disparity in behavior is glaring, and this problem has been reported in quite a few places.

The Dollar Tree at McKinney and 380 (North East) had essentials picked clean, but still had some things that could be useful depending on what you need and/or how long this could last.  Also, an employee there stated that they get shipments on Wednesday and Friday, so that might be a good place to check out on those dates.

The Wal-Mart in Anna TX had essentials picked clean, but still had plenty of other things go to around.  Much more than the McKinney Wal-Mart, that’ for sure.  I was even able to find eggs at around 3:00PM, but I got the last ones.  The point is that the supplies were able to last a while at least, but I’m not sure how things will pan out if people end up panic buying like they did last week.  I did see one guy that didn’t give me bad vibes, but was walking around with no cart.  Like the other Wal-Mart, just seems odd that people would walk around with no cart, and I mention it because the frequency of that type of behavior is increasing more than it was last week.  Last week I only saw it once, and I bet if panic buying increases, more people will end up acting like this.  Take it however you wish.

The good news is that there’s still a lot of food left, as well as a steady supply of items coming in to all locations from what I gathered from talking to multiple employees.  The bad news is that they can’t keep essentials in stock even though they are working non-stop at all locales.   Wal-Mart is even carrying out unlimited overtime for employees.  That are how busy they are.

Now, I want to caution my friends and anyone else reading this.  In some cities in Texas, some things are getting quite dicey, or were so as of a few days ago.  As a reference for this, I urge that if you live in Texas and if you have time, please watch the video below by Melissa Dykes of TruthStream Media, which is a website that offers some serious research into many subjects.

Melissa described what happened where she lives, which is near Austin.  Not only does she discuss some of the more disturbing things she saw, but also some other considerations that individuals might want to look into.  The vanguard reason I share it is because, if people really panic, which I don’t think we have seen to the severity she describes in Northern Texas, the situation in the future will be drastically different than before.  Given the steady supply lines, I don’t think that will take place, but in her town no cases were reported if I recall correctly, and yet people were still panic buying and entering mob mentality in some instances.  Bottom line, you never know how people are going to react when they give into fear and panic, so please I implore all of you to be careful.

I will have another update on here soon, hopefully tonight, as well as a few dozen one-minute videos that I will upload to my YouTube Channel, which will be shared here as well.  I have uploaded some of these short videos my Instagram account so if you want to check some of those out there by all means check out my Instagram @ZyMarquiez.

For individuals really concerned, I would urge them not only to remain mindful, but realize that there are options out there, so please don’t panic.  Don’t give in to the fear mongering and propaganda.

Given all of that, in my next update I will discuss the possibility of a barter network, which have already been established in some places, as well as a newsletter (or blog update) to keep people informed as I myself get information from people locally.

Have no fear, stay safe, and please be mindful in all instances.  You all have a great evening.


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