“The most pervasive disease to plague the human race is the disease of being normal.”
– JP Sears

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
– Robert Byrne


Zy Marquiez
March 27, 2020

As a preamble, let’s preface this piece with who this blog isn’t for.

This blog is not for individuals seeking the easy way out.  What is covered in this blog is not by any means easy.  Not.  Even.  Close.  If comfort zones are your thing, this blog will set off depthcharges in the foundation of your reality and make you so uncomfortable you might just think you stumbled into a live episode of the Twilight Zone.

I’m not going to beat around the bush.  The reason humanity got here, where planned obsolescence is a thing, where corporate rule takes place corruptly, where consent is manufactured from the ground up, where social engineering is possible at a mass scale brought about through a public schooling system that was corrupted on purpose from the ground up, is because people were afraid of contemplating disturbing scenarios in the past, yet alone making uncomfortable questions, thus failing at keeping the establishment in check.  The corrupt part of the establishment maintains power when citizens are passive with their rights, which is exact the reason why they want to keep us entertained.

The inability to ask the tough questions are what lead to official stories to stand, such as the ‘magic bullet’ touted for the John F. Kennedy assassination, or the ‘magic airplane’ that never hit building 7, yet somehow managed to collapse building 7 during the 9/11 conspiracy.  [News Flash: A lot of people still don’t know this, particularly those in the new generation, but no Airplane ever hit Building 7 during 9/11, so how did it come downAnd what are the deeper implications of that?]  Those are just two of countless examples of official stories with holes in them the size of Mars that still stand to this day even though serious research undertaken by individuals beckon those topics to be boldly explored.

As such, this blog is not for individuals who are comfortable with the mainstream version of reality that continues to make less and less sense with every passing day.

This blog is definitely not for people who value conformity in any way shape or form.  If this blog is about anything, it is about range, about exploration, about life, and life has never, does not, and will never fit within a box.  And neither will this blog.  Hell, have you seen the personal logo for my pen names and what it stands for?  The point is, I’m not afraid to be different, to be myself, and neither should you as an individual.

Likewise, this blog is not for people who are afraid to question anything, and this blog is certainly not for individuals that just want comfort or want issues sugar coated by the media matrix.

Finally, this blog finally isn’t for people who just want to be told what is best for them. Only YOU – The Individual – can decide what is best for yourself.

Then, who is this blog for?

This blog is for the many individuals who strive to learn proactively from life; the individuals who will not be held back on their journey to achieve the pinnacle of their dreams – their true dreams, and not the ones prescribed by society, whatever those may be, all the while proactively learning about part of what really undergirds the power structure in society that seeks to divide and conquer the populace via the left-right paradigm to no end

This blog is for people seeking to breakaway from the matrix as individuals, which is part of what helped spawn the blog name, in order to become the very best version of themselves.

In addition, this blog is for individuals who not only want a better world, but are willing to work for it to create it themselves by not being stagnant, waiting for change like most people have done in 1st world countries the last century or so.  Notice, it’s usually in the 2nd and 3rd world country where most of the people are willing to fight for what they dream of, which doesn’t happen here in America (and other modern countries) because we live in a one huge comfort zone that most people are afraid to even tippy toe out of, yet alone venture boldly beyond.

This blog is also for individuals who wish to understand reality for what it is, no matter how uncomfortable it is, and no matter what the mainstream media matrix says it is. [Quick Aside: if you want to see how YouTube socially engineers what’s ‘available’, go type “social engineering 101 CorbettReportExtras”, which is where the second link in the intro sentence of this paragraph takes you, into the search engine, and watch how that documentary does not show up. 

That’s so you don’t educate yourself.  The comptrollers do not want you to self-educate, which is the very reason I’m sending you to that link in the first place, so you’re able to it yourself.  Now ask yourself this, if YouTube is doing it, why not Google?  Do you really think Google’s search engine, which is vastly more sophisticated than YouTube, cannot, and does not do the same thing?  What else are the comptrollers moving behind the curtain to hide from the unsuspecting public?  Tough questions no doubt, but those are the type of questions that must be asked nonetheless if we are going to gravitate towards the truth, yet alone find it.]

On top of that, this blog is also for individuals that are not only willing to help themselves, but also willing to take others under their wing and help create a new culture – a new way of thinking that is closer to the common traditional ways that America was founded on and made the country so strong early on, rather than the recent one that has spawned the cultural decline that is exacerbating as we speak with no end in sight.

Plain and simple: are you tired of the cookie cutter answers the establishment has ready-made for every single scenario that props up, which only engenders fear, but is never truly addressed properly? Then this blog is for you.

Are you searching for answers as to why the world is screwed up and the establishment doesn’t seem to find any semblance of viable meaningful solutions that don’t often make things worse, then this blog is for you.

Have your instincts taught you not to trust the mainstream media institutions and corporations that lie to you repeatedly? Then this blog is certainly for you.

And if you are tired of the rat rate and fed up with a system that dumbs society down by default (that wasn’t always the way), that seeks to socially engineer society in vile ways, all the while attacking Free Speech in covert ways that lead to many of the very issues that we are facing today, then this blog is definitely for you.

If any of the information on this website is intriguing to you, then I would suggest you all to take a gander at the following websites.  In no particular order:

Solari.com – Solari features a wide array of information that seeks not only to inspire individuals, but also widens the template from which to view finance, culture, and many more fascinating subjects.  Now, as I have detailed in the past, Solari has been censored heavily in various ways, particularly because of Catherine Austin Fitts’ inexorable stance on finding the missing $21 Trillion from Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development that Dr. Mark Skidmore and his graduate students were able to corroborate, so if you can’t access the website via PC, then use your phone.  And if you can’t access it with either, then I highly suggest you find another way to access the website because the information on that website is incredibly relevant to many of the pressing issues that we are facing today.

GreenMedInfo.com – This is a website that not only features critical information regarding health, but also offers mindful health considerations for individuals that could potentially be helpful depending on personal circumstances.

NoMoreFakeNews.com – This is Jon Rappoport’s website, and is another website that I’ve seen censored at least 3 times the last month at minimum, one of which I talk about here.  I believe this is because Rappoport’s inexorable stance at piercing through the veil of Big Pharma and the establishment, particularly regarding the Coronavirus of late, though he certainly covers many more topics than just viruses and health.

KellyBroganMD.com – This website features many articles on mental health, along with numerous other aspects of health not oft-considered.  Dr. Brogan, who is a holistic psychiatrist, is an individual that relentlessly seeks to empower women as well.  It was Dr. Brogan’s book A Mind of Your Own – The Truth About Depression And How Women Can Heal Their Bodies To Reclaim Their Lives which really opened my eyes to her work, which I highly suggest everyone take a look at.

GizaDeathStar.com – This is Oxford educated Dr. Farrell’s website, which delves into many of the most abstruse subjects out there in a very outside-of-the-box way, which can be seen throughout all of Farrell’s books.  As someone who has read through dozens of Dr. Farrell’s books, some of which have been reviewed here, I can tell you that his work is something that should be taken very seriously given the potential ramifications of what he covers.  Farrell’s ability to dot-connect is like nobody I have ever seen except with the best researchers out there, which is the reason why I support his website and have been a member of GizaDeathStar for years.

ActivistPost.com – This is a website that features a variety of subjects like technology, health, war, liberty, and more.  As the other websites listed, I believe this is one of the best alternative media websites, and it not only collates data from many of the more ironclad sources within alternative media on a regular basis, but has incredible pieces written by some of their writers as well.

TruthstreamMedia.com – This is a website that features the work of alternative media power couple Aaron and Melissa Dykes featuring myriad subjects, many of which focus on mental health.  If you want to delve right into it, check out their amazing documentary The Minds of Men, which in a rational world, would be mandatory viewing as part of psychology and history classes.

Those are just a handful of the many alternative media websites that I frequent and support.  I highly suggest a discerning foray into those websites, and you might just find information that might not only be helpful, but might just change your life.

In their own ways, each of those websites has changed my life to varying degrees.  Some certainly more than others, but I mention those for starters given how they’re my “Top 7” if I were to make an ‘official’ personal list.

What are you waiting for?  GO CHEK ‘EM OUT!  You won’t regret it.

See you on the road.

Note: This blog was inspired by the work of Jon Rappoport from NoMoreFakeNews.com, who made a post by a similar name quite a long time ago.

If you find value in this information, please share it.  This article is free and open source.  All individuals have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Zy Marquiez and  BreakawayIndividual.com

About Me:

Zy Marquiez is author of Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All, and also an avid book reviewer, poet, inquirer, an open-minded skeptic, health freedom advocate, and writer who aims at empowering individuals in many ways, while also delving deeper and regularly mirroring subjects like Consciousness, Education, Creativity, Individuality, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more.

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