Zy Marquiez
March 28, 2020

Many people don’t know this, but I write under two separate pen names, one being Zy Marquiez, and the other Noctis Blackburn.  For now it is mostly poetry with Blackburn, while Marquiez is a kaleidoscope of subject matter.

I elaborate on this at a cursory glance in a write up that clarifies the part of duality that undergirds each of my pen names, one representing Light, the other representing Darkness, whose full integration make the foundation for my personal symbol or “brand” logo, if one wants to think of it that way.

That doesn’t mean that everything that I write under Zy Marquiez will always be pleasant or joyful, or that everything that I write under my Blackburn name will always be Dark, not at all.  Each name merely represents the foundational essence respective to it, that shall be clearer to see with time and what I write about in the future.

With that baseline, what follows is a short list of some of my favorite poetry under each of my pen names for the people that wish to get to know me from a poetic and writing perspective.  Part of the reason why I also want to feature some my personal work, is because WordPress is censoring my personal articles and book reviews, which defeats the purpose of a blog in the first place.  The website could easily be called censorship press and one wouldn’t be far off.

Zy Marquiez Poetry & Prose:

Unlocked Souls
Path of Light, Path of Darkness
Rise From Slumber
Storm of Love
Child of the Stars
Love In The Air
Devil-Headed Memories
Moonlight Memories
Veneer of Truth
War (this is a poetic allusion to potential issues in the future)
Quality Of Consciousness
Love Is The Key
Zeus’ Pencil
Her Quest

Noctis Blackburn Poetry & Prose:

Life of a Phoenix
Reaper Of the Shadows
Precipice Of Dreams
Forever Incomplete
Twin Flame Insurrection
Soul of Nightmares

And here is a final piece that does not fit within a picture slide, but which is still one of my favorites that I share to counterbalance all the short pieces and was featured in my book Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All.


Celestial Rendezvous

Let’s plot our first course through the constellations
beginning centered mindfully at Orion’s Belt, at 9:00 PM sharp,
thereafter gloriously basking in the finest wines and dine dynastically at Crab Nebula
with our phenomenal five-course meal ending with Pisces,
soonafter wasting not a moment, and in haste visiting the cosmic zoo
where we see Leo, Taurus, Delphinus, Scorpio, Sagittarius,
in conjunction with Centaurus, Chamaeleon, Capricornus and Columba,
catching our breath momentarily and heading to Circinus to map our destiny,
thence admiring Monoceros, Hercules & Pegasus at the celestial museum,
where we also ponder life and the unknown while in contemplation of Libra and Sculptor,
while sharing whispers ruminating together upon Telescopium and Triangulum,
not overlooking close by Lyra, as he plays spellbindingly symphonic tunes for Virgo,
the young maiden that admires Volans nearby, with Perseus admiring Virgo closely,
as we urge Perseus to ask Virgo to dance, and join us in dancing the night away as well;
soon after dodging Sagitta, Serpens and Hydra in our egress into the shadows of the night,
alchemically transforming this numinous night at Fornax,
where we torch our souls in the heat of the moment like two of a kind, like Gemini,
emblematic of us and our sacrifice at Ara, the altar of where we sacrifice our fears,
scorching them and recasting ourselves anew,
fittingly finalizing our night at constellation Phoenix,
where our souls shall rise united forever more.


Additional Reading:

Why Read The Classics by Italo Calvino New York Review of Books October 9, 1986 Issue

About Me:

Zy Marquiez a.k.a. Noctis Blackburn, is author of Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All, and also an avid book reviewer, poet, inquirer, an open-minded skeptic, health freedom advocate, and writer who aims at empowering individuals in many ways, while also delving deeper and regularly mirroring subjects like Consciousness, Education, Creativity, Individuality, Ancient History & Ancient Civilizations, Forbidden Archaeology, Big Pharma, Alternative Health, Space, Geoengineering, Social Engineering, Propaganda, and much more.

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