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March 29, 2020

As a preamble, the premise of what follows is not only to illustrate critical information within the financial system such as information on the Black Budget, the Space Based Economy, the Missing Trillions, FASAB 56, and much more, that affects everyone and is significantly glossed over by the mainstream media and even alternative media, but to get individuals to comprehend the deeper levels of the financial structure and the world by featuring the work of the best financial analyst in the alternative media, which is Catherine Austin Fitts.

To anyone that might not be familiar with Catherine Austin Fitts, she is former Assistant Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development and has gained my trust over the last few years for many reasons.  Fitts’ website, features countless topics such as finance, culture, book reviews, interviews, high quality member content that covers everything from the Deep State to much more.  If you wish to see Fitts’ resume and credentials, please click here.

Now let us focus incisively on the 3 main reasons why Catherine Austin Fitts has gained my trust.

Reason #1: Fitts Correctly Predicted the Slowburn of the Economy Many Years Ago

Countless financial analysts swore up and down that the economy was going to collapse many years ago, but Fitts was uncompromising in saying that the economy would ‘slowburn’.  The reason why pretty much everyone that failed at their predictions was wrong, and there were dozens and dozens of them, was because they only saw the economy through the public sector, whereas Fitts does not.

Where most analysts only see the economy from the point of view of public sector finance, Fitts realizes that there is a Black Budget that cannot be ignored, as well as missing Trillions that have been siphoned from the financial system, which were corroborated by Dr. Mark Skidmore.  All of this allows Fitts to have a wide-angle point of view from which to see the wider tapestry of financial shenanigans that take place.

Reason #2Fitts Correctly Called The Bitcoin Top Not Long Ago

Where many Bitcoin cryptocurrency investors thought Bitcoin would go to the moon and that Bitcoin was untrackable and so on, Fitts did not think so at all.  In fact, after attending a conference wherein Fitts saw a lot of crytocurrency coverage that was disturbing, she sought to warn the members of her website about what was going to take place, which was not only the fact that Bitcoin’s upward move was going to pop, but that control files were going to be created on everyone that invested in Bitcoin.  Not much after, the IRS sent countless letters to Bitcoin investors setting the stranglehold for those investor’s finances.

Reason #3Fitts Correct Called Missing Trillions Within the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

For many years, nigh two decades if not more, Catherine Austin Fitts kept stating that trillions of dollars had gone missing from DOD and HUD.  Most people didn’t believe her.  And yet, not long ago, someone who sought to take a reasonable approach to prove her wrong, Dr. Mark Skidmore, did the most rational thing you can do when someone with impeccable credentials makes a claim: he put her claim to the test.

Dr. Skidmore and his graduate students began sifting through documents in order to verify Fitts’ seemingly outlandish claim, and lo and behold, it turned out that they were able to corroborate that $21 Trillion had in fact gone missing from DOD and HUD.  [Note: Fitts has claimed that there’s more than 50 Trillion or so that has gone missing, and I in fact believe her.  But the point is that only $21 Trillion has been confirmed missing, and that can be researched and delved into on her website here.

So you see, nobody else that I know was correct about even one of those facts, and Fitts was correct about all three.   Likewise, anyone that spends time listening to Fitts with discernment can tell that Fitts is a very caring individual.  And I’m not sure how many notice, but DO YOU REALIZE HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND CARING INDIVIDUALS WITHIN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR!?  Yeah, I had to all-caps all of you because it’s THAT significant.

Moreover, Fitts talks in a way that’s easily accessible and not hard to follow.  What’s more, Fitts offers incredible insights on her website about a variety of subjects, and often interviews very incredible researchers and individuals that have critical understanding of a variety of subject matter that are hard to really pin down if you don’t know where to look at.

For what it’s worth, I am not being paid to do this nor would I accept any compensation from it whatsoever.  I’m lucky enough to Love what I do, which is writing, run this Blog, write poetry, and run two small businesses that allow me to follow my dreams, which in great part is exactly what you see me doing.

I’m simply doing this because it’s important to support those that are doing the right thing, have been doing it for a long time, and will continue to do so in the future.  That’s how you build a strong culture which unfortunately, as Professor Deneen, who is a David A. Potenziani Memorial Associate Processor of Constitutional Studies at Notre Dame, penned in his incredible piece, How A Generation Lost Its Common Culture, is something that has been on the decline for quite some time.

Now what follows are just a handful of the many interviews available that feature Catherine Austin Fitts, but I would argue that these are easily some of the best interviews out there.  To anyone new venturing into this confounding topic for the first time, I suggest that you jump right into the Black Budget interviews and go from there. 

The Black Budget
The Missing Trillions, The Deep State and FASAB 56 with Catherine Austin Fitts

FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes
The Black Economy [Part 1]
The Black Economy [Part 2]
The Space Based Economy
Caveat Emptor: Why Investors Need To Do Due Diligence on U.S. Treasury and Related Securities
Comment on FASAB 56 in January
Black Budget Space Wars & AI

One final thought.  If you are serious about understanding what is going on globally, you cannot do it without knowing what is happening in the financial sector.  It is an impossibility.  It is through the integration of a wide array of subject matter, some of which are undoubtedly much more important and interesting than others, that one is able to understand not only the global financial markets, but also, the deeper levels embedded of the proverbial matrix within the strata of civilization.

Even if all you do is view just one video, you’ll be much farther ahead than everyone else who doesn’t even realize how deep the lies are within the financial system and the establishment, and how those lies are covering up a global financial structure that Oxford educated Dr. Joseph P. Farrell from has called “The Hidden System of Finance”.

As Richard Hoagland, former NASA consultant and author of the thought-provoking and remarkable book, The Monuments of Mars: A City On The Edge Of Forever, once said:

“The lie is different at every level.”

And it really is, which is why you have to take your education into your own hands and not be passive about it.

The world is changing much faster than it ever has been and people realize.  Not only has my home been subjected to censorship by my former internet provider Sudden link here in North Texas, but I have witnessed Jon Rappoport’s website censored 3 times this last month, while WordPress censors my content regularly as well.

While at a cursory glance it might seem like things are mostly stable, there are a lot of things manifesting that will be confusing, or even shocking, unless you see them coming and know they are on the way, which is why I choose to mirror critical content of other websites and researchers that seek to prepare individuals regarding what’s coming.

Ultimately, what you know years or even decades from now will be based around not only the company that you keep, but the information that you expose yourself.

Hopefully it is high quality information that is actionable and can change your life for the better.   And to that end, I know nobody else better at doing that job than Catherine Austin Fitts and the individuals at

If you find value in this information, please share it.  This article is free and open source.  All individuals have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Zy Marquiez and

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